Agnes Pe – Merrie Melodies

Artist: Agnes Pe
Title: Merrie Melodies
Keywords: classical experimental rhythmic noise Ukraine
Label: Genetic Trance

The merrie melodies by Agnes Pe can’t be merrier. If they had been, you had to marry them and trust me that would be a fantastically intense marriage that will make you frantically laugh so hard that you will not even make it to the end of your wedding night. Agnes Pe is an instant bunch of energy over here, not beating around the bush at any given moment, but courageously rolling out of your speakers like a rollercoaster ride who had lost its break! A scary thought maybe, but it isn’t scary as it’s Agnes Pe being merrie, flushing down a manic cartoon attack so hard that you might jump up on its immediate impact.

There is no room here for political correctness, or family friendly entertainment values as Agnes Pe seems to have dug up the Disney, Warner Bros and Hannah Barbaras just to bang their heads together in the cuckoo bombastic happy bunch of distorted merriness. Their heads will explode while Agnes Pe is still beating them up as a revenge for unforgiving youth traumas that can’t be flushed down the drain. Agnes Pe relives these memories and gives them a pair of blue eyes, proceeds to feed them frantic high kicks in the stomach, but all done with a happy smile of pure satisfaction.

Yes, Agnes Pe is here like an ape who got its bananas stolen, determent to get a merrier revenge than any feel good movie could provide, simply by smashing it all up with a painful joy in all its crunchy touch. It’s strong and unforgiven like a military on high class amphetamines, yet a lot more fun & of course on the good side of the anti-laws! In Agnes Pe’s release there is a lot of anger going on, but it’s not the tough soulless kind of anger, more of cartoons that had been screwed over by the big players and now want their well deserved pay check! Maybe you can support them by checking these merrie melodies out?

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