Rumor Milk – Blue Xmas

Artist: Rumor Milk
Title: Blue Xmas
Keywords: alternative christmas lgbtq praise and worship acoustic alternative bedroom punk blues country queer queercore trans Toronto WITCHFORK

“A Christmas song for 2SLGBTQ+ people whose families have rejected them. We’re doin’ alright!”

For all of you in this situation out there, here is an anthem that will warm the cockles of your heart: A powerful ‘this is what you’re missing out on’ message to those families, delivered through the achingly sweet vocals of Mira Martin-Gray and backed by Tago Mago (drums), Patrick Merner (double bass), Kurt Newman (pedal steel guitar), and Al Ray (clawhammer banjo).

While we listen we can easily imagine those people sitting around a table littered with the corpses of innocent creatures while the blue snowflakes fall outside. There is no joy, no conversation, their hearts are as hard as the ice forming on the roof. Meanwhile we have the sounds of joy and the emotion of love, we have Rumor Milk to lull us into a feeling of warm harmony. Lush!

Click this link to listen and “In lieu of payment please give directly to Black Trans Travel Fund


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