Don’t Do It, Neil – B/X

Artist: Don’t Do It, Neil
Title: B/X
Label: Grimalkin Records
Keywords: alternative r&b diy experimental r&b art pop bedroom pop electro pop electronic dance music folk glitter pop hi-fi lo-fi pop rock slow jams Richmond WITCHFORK

As we expect from any release on this label, the cover art is so tempting and we’re very glad that none of us are called ‘Neil” so we CAN DO IT after all! Yes, we can dive in to this pink blossom fantasyland and explore the world of B/X… are you ready? Right, let’s go!

The first thing we find is an irresistible slice of ‘Strawberry Cake’, the kind of cake that you eat one slice of and then put the rest under one of those glass domes. The cake sits there on the bench, you can’t stop looking at it, your mouth waters, and of course you have another slice. And another. Until it’s all gone. You are totally fulfilled by this delicacy, yet at the same time feel a little over-saturated as you lie on the couch unable to move. This track is just like that – it has stupefies you and leaves you unable to resist it’s hook.

Luckily ‘Destroyer’ is here to get us up and dancing with sparkly beats and the overlapping vocals of Don’t do it, Neil’s Mabel Harper and Elora Driver. It’s as if someone is sprinkling the room with sugar which glitters like fresh flakes of snow.

We can’t stop moving to the beat and are happy to become dancing sugar-snow people as ‘Overfamiliar’ shimmys out of the speakers. Spartan Jet-Plex joins Mabel for this sweet pop confection and (as usual) her voice melts our hearts. The beats speed up and we are moving so fast that our pulses speed up, we can feel the blood rising to our heads, our ears tingle with the sound of the crackling sugar.

Just in time, there is a short interlude called ‘Body’ and we can all take a minute to breathe deep and centre ourselves. Now it is time for some ‘Pet Play’ with Mabel and her friend Aion. The beats start out gently trippy and then mold themselves into hard-boiled sweetness. We are all totally addicted to the laid-back punch of this tune and keep on swaying!

Now it’s time for a bit of ‘Pornography, Pt. 2’ with Mabel and Solely. “Free me from my body tonight” is a refrain that we can relate to! The sugar has stopped sprinkling us and is falling to the floor, our bodies feel clean and any heaviness melts away from our muscles.

Berko Lover joins in for ‘Deep Love’ and it’s a magical feeling with all of these Grimalkin artists and their friends coming together to create something so beautiful. (Our spies have seen chatter between Mabel & Backxwash about a possible collaboration – we hope this happens! Squeeee!). We are all feeling the saturated vibe of this song and have to take some time to lie down upon the sugar-snow carpet just to take it all in.

Another brief interlude called ‘Soul Mercy’ lulls us with guitar and then it’s time for a few cans of ‘Pabst Blue Ribbon’ with Mabel & Corinne Perham. The guitar continues and there is a tropical feeling giving us balmy summer feelings. The sugar turns gold in the sunlight, like sand. Everyone is smiling at each other with joy and all anxieties have faded away.

The final track is ‘Handcuffs’ but they’re the type that you want to put on yourself, no on is putting them on you! “Don’t want to wake up” is just how we all feel – Don’t do it Neil could also be known as Don’t ever stop, Neil!

The lathe cut 12″ (proceeds to funding future releases on this superb label) and cassettes (proceeds to “No More Dysphoria, a non-profit organization created with the goal of helping transgender individuals pay for major aspects of their transition.”) are sold out but there’s digital copies available!

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