Bettina Schroeder – Soundscape 1

Artist: Bettina Schroeder
Title: Soundscape 1
Keywords: experimental freestyle improv improvisation improvised. London

In case you are in search for escapes from the boredoms in life, or simply for this Valentines day in which card sales people and florists are getting richer than usual, you might as well go for one of the more healthier ‘escape’ options than the usual damaging ones. Might I (for example) advice you to tumble down this fancy soundscape by Bettina Schroeder?

I mean, why not? As when you go in you might have no sense of what’s going on anymore , as anything you might encounter will do its best to get you confused, as every sound seems to do everything to blur the lines of what’s reality and what’s not.

For example;
… at times you might wonder if your set of cooking pans are rumbling by themselves in the kitchen’s cupboard, if your unplugged old school radio receiver had caught some distorted channel by itself, or if you had been listening to the gothic neighbour through the wall while it is preparing for a funeral inspired parade?

You might believe to hear a random bike that turned up with a ringing bell that is being used to wake us up from illusions, or suddenly believe that you had stepped into a computer world after you had mistakingly munched some magical mushrooms instead of the normal ones…

of course we must somehow know that it’s just all part of the Bettina Schroeder’s soundscape, or at least most of it – but still there might be doubts as everything sounds so plausible. I mean sheep and cows could be standing in our living room, right? I can hear their bells ringing so visually that it simply must be true! And that loud applauding audience is all cramped up in the toilet cheerfully praising the sight of our buttocks, right?… it must be true as if it’s not, the soundscape 1 by Bettina Schroeder is either really good OR I’ve simply lost my marbles somewhere along these ways.

It doesn’t really matter which one of the two options it is, as most important; I have made a perfect escape away from this day of animated heart gifs & probably plan to stay in Bettina Schroeders’s sound show a bit longer than the actual run time! See you there? We could be lost together, riding one of the cows, listening to weird noises and perhaps even fall in love… shit! Even here you can’t escape Valentine’s Day! Oh well, at least our hiding place isn’t cheesy!

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