Might we recommend: Quarks – Zuhause Plus !

Artist: Quarks
Title: Zuhause Plus
Keywords: bedroom pop, Berlin, indietronic, Boston
label: Fish Prints

The excitement runs high at our office here, as we got the special opportunity from the Fish Prints label to hear and report about a very special rerelease of Zuhause by the legendary duo named Quarks, one that will be lovingly brought to a new generation (you?) on a wonderful mini disc; the physical music product of the beloved promising future! Oh, and probably digital too!


The originally in 1997 released album counted 13 Quarks songs, while this special release will bring us the debut album Zuhause and the entire Kikyo EP + 4 incredible exclusive remixes! Fans will be ecstatic! New comers who never heard of Quarks before : will be over the moon!!

The label owner Petridish lovingly told us that he had grown up on the original album, making it obviously something of a incredible dream to come true that he could now infect new ears with the sound of his youth & help others (with nostalgic feels when they hear the name Quarks) bringing new life into their fandom for life. This might be one of the first times a infection would be a very happy thing! As who would you not wish to know, hear and get touched by these brilliant loveliness of electro pop by former duo Jovanka von Willsdorf and Niels Lorenz? The existance of Quarks should be widespread to anyone who loves music! And this extra large album is the ideal start to get into it, or relive it with a new light!

and with a nice light we are of course chatting about the amazing brand new sounding remixes that are included by artists that would make your ears easily flap from excitement. I mean, just know that electro legend Peaches is among them! Enough tease to please even the people who have Quarks posters all over their walls since their first Berlin living room performance in 1996 and properly earning the 'Plus' after its original title. It's giving Quarks's happy little music haven full comfort, quirkiness and dreaminess an extra edge of life.

How amazing it must have been to grow up on the music of Quarks! As Quarks over here is everything I imagine you wished for to hear as a happy and healthy child,m, it is so easily speaking to the young at heart and mind as it is full of sweet energy, dreamy fun and clearly done with so much lovely creativity that somehow makes me want to write the German word 'wunderbar' and underline it with circles. The language might be looked upon as cold, in the songs of Quarks they are gentle, kind, sweet, cozy, fun, caring and imaginative. Together with the playful electro and acoustics they will generate scenes for a fantastic imagination to go and generate a world of love and clearly functions as inspiration to all who decides to tumble within this world of Quarks.

You can dream away, dance around the room, hear it while drinking tea and nibbling some home baked cakes and probably sing along too, as after enough repetitive listenings you will feel these songs easily nestling in the pleasure centres of the brain, a place where they will be with you forever and ever. And trust me; these repetitive listening session will happen, as I could not stop listening to this album too; it got such a nice feel of likability to it that it seems to be delivering the perfect music for any occasion. Listening it while traveling, working, taking care of kids, partying hard with friends, Sunday brunch, in bed with a good book – it got every the soundtrack for any possible moment sorted! A neat track to hear while wearing pyjamas on a Sunday? You name it and it is here on this mega album! You want visuals to convince you even more? Petridish made some – and it's beautiful:

From all the songs on this album everyone would probably pick their own favourites, making them the recognisable middle points that will make you unleash happy endorphins each and every time that they parade so strongly by. 'Kikyo' and 'wiederkommm' are the ones that doing that to me at this moment in time , probably being the tracks that I would delightfully tattoo on my arm – so much I love it! But than again, maybe next week there are other favourites – by the end of the year my whole body would probably be filled with Quarks song title tattoos!

Quarks uses a very neat mixage between electronics and acoustics, something that gives the songs a timeless quirkiness that elevates them from simple singer songwriter tunes to something that is beyond the realms of pop, easy listening and troubadourism; it's makes them speaking to the fantasy lands that lay within each of us, feeding us something that everyone will find something that they would enjoy in.

The strong and distinctively lovable voice of Jovanka von Willsdorf is the prominent middle point within these tracks , going easily in hearts like the purest most likeable friendship that offers us music generated by kindness and sincerity. Coming with enough diversity in tone, mood and care that you feel like you could lower your protective shields and easily go with the flow of Quarks.

It didn't take long to get my mind and ears on that same enthusiastic realm that die-hard early fans of Quarks probably already had been on for so many years, as Quarks simply placed all their charms in these wonderful timeless tunes. A fact that is easy to hear! They are all vatering in equal amounts to lovers of cute electronica sounds, acoustic friendly friends and the ones who dig strong songs performed by a wonderful voice. Together they will lure you in to a dreamland in which swinging cuteness, cozy lullabies and groovy Berlin vibes tare coming towards us all as if two angels came to Berlin and formed a band of pure fantasy.

The remixes on their own are a great phenomenon, with James Figurine Some Sundays remix of 'Sonntag' which is utterly cute and sweet. A remix of Loch Im Tag by Paula, which brings a lovable sunniness to it that is absolutely adorable to hear…'schwerelos' gets a fancy dance make over by Christian F. DJ Tonka? Feeding us the steady bass, kicks, high hats and claps to fill the club with happiness. Peaches and Nother gives 'Wäldstuck' a moonshine remix in typical electro punk style!

So tasty and banging! But even though there is clearly lots of fun that these tunes have in their new coats, the originals by Quarks are the ones that all will go in like timeless candy! Something so delicious and enjoyable that you might do yourself a big favour of putting the 7 of march in your agenda, as Quarks's Zuhause Plus will be released on this very special minidisc day! And you must – must get yourself a copy of this one! I said it before and I don't mind to say it again; Quarks is wonderfully Wunderbar! trust us upon our trustworthy words and preorder Quarks Zuhause Plus now or be miserable forever! as this one is going to sell out quicker than you can can finish a drink at the local wonder bar!

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