The Ryne Experience – Canopy

Artist: The Ryne Experience
Title: Canopy
Keywords: alternative home recording indie rock lo-fi Lowell
Label: Under the Counter Tapes

“Single from The Ryne Experience’s psychedelic alt-country concept album ‘Funky Town’, out on vinyl, cassette, CD, and digital April 3 on Under the Counter Tapes.”

Let’s open up a can of cold beer and pshhh our way into the new song by the Ryne Experience. It is that kind of tune, perfect for a well deserved moment for yourself after a hard day’s work. Just unfold the plastic garden chair, sit back in it and hear the song doing its thing on repeat. It is similar like a can of beer, as one is never enough. With a haze out laid back style this band’s ‘Canopy’ goes in like a radio’s favourite. It is as if you heard it before, which you kinda have after a fair amount of multiple listens…Which (trust me) will quickly happen!

There is something to it that makes it catchy without the obvious catchiness, a thing that might make you hum along at certain times and wiggle your feet up and down from enjoyable appreciation. It has this pretty buildup that ends with a electric guitar played so excitingly that it would give you the power to get up from your comfy garden chair in order to get yet another new beer from the fridge.

it is like a viscous circle as when you open it for immediate consumption and the song starts all over again – you know you will be doing this process until you can’t stand on your own legs anymore. This song will find you and treat you well – probably calling you a taxi if things really gone out of hand.

The Ryne Experience lays out that feeling of having no worries, that all will be fine no matter what. It is being that protective umbrella that gives way to a little ‘me’ time, which I don’t know about you, but over here it comes across as something that is pretty much well deserved.

The singer is there with you, clearly ready to takeout an eye out for you if it was needed, so you could just relax and enjoy the moment without having to be wary. A gift that you won’t hear often in songs and music, but in this single it certainly feels as if we could embrace the chill vibes as if they are our new bunch of friends, ready to show us a safe, but good time well spend! Can someone open up another beer please? You probably need one too as after reading all about it you must be overly excited to get your ears on.

After our dear respectable friends over at Houdini Mansions offered you the track as an exclusive premier it is now officially released on the 21 Feb! exclusively for your streaming enjoyment! And if you are on twitter and happen to be delighted to retweet a special tweet from under the counter Tapes, they even might be so kind to provide you with a free download code! Told you this was all about friendly friends having a good time! Come on over, relax, listen, enjoy and have a beer! Thanks to the Ryne Experience all is going to be just fine!

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