Wonderful Beasts – The Art Of Whisper

Artist: Wonderful Beasts
Title: The Art Of Whisper
Keywords: experimental Lancashire
Label: Wormhole World

Hello online traveling people! Are you in search for something to get your mind off things? A little pleasant journey of feathery delights filled with nice beasts that will be your instant friends, showing you around their beloved habitats and making you feel all welcome and all that? Good news for you as Xqui and boycalledcrow have teamed up for an album for a whole lot of that and possibly more!

Imagine sitting on the back of a flying friendly bumblebee as it gracefully tumbles around in a blue sky, a pretty space in which lush sunshine rays are warning the bad vibes that their time is running out. Oh it feels so nice and free over here, everything is weightlessly and little, experiencing a feel-good fantasy flight on the back of its little soft bum of humbling music created by this wonderful beast.

It will fly us into pretty times , ones in which the spooning sounds of pretty buzz have transformed themselves into butterfly twinkling, making it a wonderfully gracious flight that is absolutely friendly and dream-like. With nifty kind hearted melodies that enables us to float away through kind scenarios. Meanwhile our imaginative host had become a beautiful winged creature that goes along with the air like a good friend that feels entirely at home in the great skies of warm sunny adventures.

Happy electric energy can be embraced here in these airs, filled with joyous organ tones that are normally only coming out to celebrate angels or perhaps for wedding moments among only the purest of partners. Rhythms of love and beauty are seemingly the landscapes below us and the sky is not just continuing this view, but simply enlarging it. If you need comfort music and a moment to forget things, the wonderful beasts in this musical journey are the perfect wordless tour guide to go on a journey with.

Excitement might be around the corner too, feeding us the pulse that might make a heart beat tick a little longer as if we now sit on the back of a hasty rabbit that is running towards a field full of edible stuff that it likes to eat and bring home to it’s beloved long eared family. The transformative rides from one wonderful beastie to the other had never felt so good and pleasant. When this one jumps into the field we fall with it into yet another piece of dreamy music.

It’s comfort food for the ears and mind, a luxury of prettiness that will be a lovely escape from trouble. Even if the journey decided to land down on the ground these wonderful beasts are embracing you with their little legs, paws and well groomed claws like the best possible friends that you can count upon in times like these. Embracing you with the melodies of care, as if you just walked into a closet and ended in a sunny Narnia with only friendly beasts and pretty comfortable views inside. What are you waiting for? Jump on a bumblebee and get yourself out of there!

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