The Revenant Sea – Nothing Treads, Eidolon

Artist: The Revenant Sea
Title: Nothing Treads, Eidolon H#004
Keywords: alternative experimental dark ambient dread drone experimental noise psych soundscapes soundtrack storytelling United Kingdom
Label: Herhalen

I have been listening to this album as if I’ve been a dried out orange peel, hopefully inhaling the last squirts of my sour skin. But this release helped quite a lot, as it had been tragic enough to conceal the last bits of watery life deep within me, softly damping the vitality like a cloth full of audio chloroform, one that had kept me nicely tucked in one place, stimulating and draining in harsh mystery, levelling me up like a poetic poet with a potential hearing problem.

It proceeded to burn like a calm nibbling fire, nicely cracking away for extra warmth and much needed coziness. It is needed as a friendly protector that had hooked itself up with a low lying shivering brute force of nature, one that flows like a unpredictable stormy wind that flushes through the trees like it’s nothing, a sensation that comes over with the thrilling nastiness of painfully chopping blades of a rusty chainsaw.

But don’t worry, after the natural fearfulness that ought to be our friend, the safe space of lucid ambiance offers a fine seat on its beloved lap. One in which things flubber like a friend’s handy pocket that always has a stamp full of acid in it, ready to be offered to you when you need it the most; giving a free green pass to a safe passage way in which you can float calmly as you watch your troubles jump on the back of a motorcycle and speed away into thin air.

Strange birds that hum on a buzzing buzz instead of a tree branch might sit nearby for a wordless chat, probably playing the buddy within this trip realm of authentic psychoactive audio. All is calm over here, clearly underlining that after rain, sunshine will follow. Or in this specific case; after a nastiness of brutal nature, a wonderful ego death might reveal itself, making everyone feel safe, one with the world of peaceful illusions and all the potent powers that this journey had to offer. After all this, as a dried out orange peel, I can safely report that I’ve been reborn and all fresh, bright and ready to squirt again! Thanks music!

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