Small Scale Collisions – Deploy Face Parachutes

artist: Small Scale Collisions
title: Deploy Face Parachutes
keywords:  experimental dread drone drum machines experimental feedback kraut krautrock noise psych United Kingdom
label: Herhalen

Hello dear visitor, for as good as I know it seems that we will be off the air (or also know off the internet) for about a week or so. Unless some sneaky backdoor employees have been stuck in the office building while leaving up a sneaky post, most of us have to go and sniff the outside world on doctor’s orders. We will assemble new positive vibes, grow some brand new ears and come back at ya refreshed and all – probably overloading you all with a tremendous amount of new dodgy music musings, writings and maybe even a drawing inspired on sound – who knows!

For now, I wanted to lock the doors with a bit of music that really suits this moment, the kind of material that fits traveling and adventure – the kind of process of sound that is quite a trip on its own. Yep, Deploy Face Parachutes by Small Scale Collisions. It’s like the perfect stuff to put on your ears and disappear off into the free world.

Not that anything in this world is free, but we can still pretend and escape if we have the ability to do so. Even if you had been confined, stuck in a hole or tossed in a cabin – this music is still a ticket out there, making a person feel as if they are traveling somewhere out of their skulls – actively scattering towards a curious new adventure without anything in its way to stop them.

The bleak black artwork can’t inform you how colorful and determent this trip will be, but think of route 66 and a motorcycle that doesn’t have to be refilled with liquids – one that just goes and goes by itself into the powerful looks of a brand new horizon! Adventure here it is, welcome the sounds and melodies of determination to get somewhere even though nobody knows where – destinations here we come!

With electric nastiness, thick bass, electric guitars that will electrify your soul and make you feel like a toughened cigar smoking, whisky snorting – baddy on the highway, this progressive work of roughness is the kind of killer to step up and face the unknown! See you later, alligator (a week’s time? – unless this music is taking you away even longer… it would certainly not surprise me…) anyway, good luck! and enjoy this music irresponsibly!

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1 Response to Small Scale Collisions – Deploy Face Parachutes

  1. Linda says:

    Love the sound travel! Have a nice time off ❤

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