Cassilda and Carcosa – Tubes, Transformers, Transistors, and Tape

artists: Cassilda and Carcosa
title: Tubes, Transformers, Transistors, and Tape
keywords: experimental acid ambient braindance dance drone electronic electronica experimental electronic idm newage techno vaporwave Fairfax
label: Ingrown Records

The spacious spastic funk moves can be tossed into our oeuvre again, instant dancing can be done on top of acidic fanatic baselines just like its the good side of the creative nineties again. No pandamics – just good lsd and so called intelligent electro bangers to go completely loopy with. Who needs anything else than a bit of time travel to the good side of life, while still sailing straight towards a better future? Tubes, Transformers, Transistors, and Tape by Cassilda and Carcosa certainly helps to make the time fly by and there is great hope that when get lost in this music – they will end up being awoken to a time in which there is plenty of reason to smile again.

A wonderful carefree satisfactions place in which melodies of generosity play playful mathematics with the mind. Here happy culture classes for the greater good, shaking exotic rhythms and high favorable synth old schoolness that resurrects the spirit of your greatest IDM heroes and takes them onto a new and more fruitful level of life. You can hear the freshness, feel the happiness that had been placed into the creation of all this; its sweet, lovely, juicy, cute and full of feel goodness.

It brings good memories and hope for a better future – it is all gonna be alright, people! With quality music like this around, bad stuff simply fades away – Cassilda and Carcosa sketches a mellow melodic active happy place in which everyone is carefree. In this The Prophets’ Paradise our braindance heroes are making tasty sandwiches, welcoming us home for a pleasant act of hospitality.

Here we dance around with DMX Krew, we play monkeys with aphex twin, learn how to play the bass like squarepusher and drink tea with Mike Paradinas, eat cakes with Leila Arab,learn how to make wordless hits with Cyclob and have a swim with Global Goon. Everyone is happy here, nobody needs to work or be hard at work making brain dancing music anymore as Cassilda and Carcosa are providing the rightous backdrop that everyone can find sympathetic hail in. The energy, the love, the own style of sweet meets energetic is like how i would think what the sound of an ultimate electric paradise should be! Let’s keta-dance and be free among heroes and friends!

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