Pedroso & Pedrosa – Procuram Quati

Artist: Pedroso & Pedrosa
Title: Procuram Quati
label: Grimalkin Records
Keywords: lo-fi brazil brazilian music diy experimental mpb música popular brasileira rio de janeiro bedroom pop electronic folk new tropicália nova mpb nova tropicália tropicália witch house Richmond WITCHFORK

Procuram Quati is an album all about Searching for the Coati, which is the cutest little South American critter, kind of like a raccoon. It has a nose a bit like a pig and is about the size of a cat, Wrieuwwwww . Now that we know about them we would like to search for them too. They aren’t found in the parts of the world that we live in but luckily we have Pedroso & Pedrosa to take us on this adventure! Let’s go…

‘Maus Lençóis’ starts with pipes and we are ready to follow them wherever they lead. There is singing, crowd noises, beats, guitar – it’s like being in a magical market deep in the heart of Brasil. We dance through the stalls, people wave and smile, at one stall there are people playing with a DIY theremin made from a short wave radio. They tag on to the end of our little procession which is growing just like in The Golden Goose fairy tale. Folx can’t help themselves, the music is such an enticing treat, and we gather speed as we get closer to the edge of the marketplace. The singing of Pedroso & Pedrosa drives us on, there are now people howling with joy and people with bowls of dried legumes that they swirl and shake.

We reach the streets full of bars and people on the street partying. Some fool crashes a car over and over into the piles of bottles that have been left by the revelers – we quickly swerve down an alleyway called ‘Luar’ to get away from them, and the beats pump out the back of the bars, warping over the cobbles. We exit onto a street called ‘Três Anos’ which leads into the rain forest and start the search, there are now 30 of us in the party, all clinging on to each others coat-tails and apron strings. The guitar starts and we try and walk quietly so as not to scare any Quati that might be around. There is no crowd noise here, it is clear and the leaves vibrate with the sounds of music.

Suddenly our leaders start playing a song called ‘Rei e Eu’ which we clap and dance along to, perhaps the creatures will like our sound so much the will join in, maybe they are like the Alley Cats band in Aristocats! There’s a drip drip drip from the trees, sampled and played backwards. A loud strangled wailing starts, and the cicadas join in. Some massive dogs come out of the forest and promise to be our poochedelic protectors. They have little speakers around their necks and start blasting ‘Seis Badaladas’ and bounding ahead of us, making sure everything is clear. The vegetation is becoming denser and we are lucky to have pathways created for us. A few of the folx at the back have dropped off, distracted by the wonders of the rain forest. Onward we go!

We suddenly come out to a clearing, the top of a great waterfall. Pedroso & Pedrosa stand at the edge and chant and call out a spell: ‘As Coisas Foram Longe Demais Freestyle’. The water crashes down below with great power. The pull is so strong that some of our party get ready to dive into the deluge. We watch them leap and weave through the water like Boto dolphins. When we peer over the edge at the water below they wave up at us – they are on their own journey for the Coati, we wish them luck!

Meanwhile the music starts again and ‘Solar’ points our attention up to the skies. Giant clouds swirl and skitter in the winds, creating all the shapes that our imaginations can conjure. Some of us are in tune with the flutes and the howling calls and when ‘Sorrindo’ starts they are blessed enough to see giant Quati in the clouds, leaping and playing, searching for food. Not all of us are so lucky so we turn back towards the forest and re-enter along a different path, still looking for the magical creature. Pedroso & Pedrosa are not tired yet, they lead us on and we feel that the journey could go on forever, indeed, we hope that it does! Join the party here:


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