Cat Temper – Furbidden Planet

Artist: Cat Temper
Title: Furbidden Planet
Keywords: space synth, synthwave, synth cat, catwave

Time to go into a special kind of space! Lets hop into the vessel of the catronauts for a full edged adventure of melody and strenght and head down the cool place that is the Furbidden Planet. Flyioneer and spacecadet-cat Cat Temper easily meows itself into our ears as a captain who knows the way through this galaxy.  From the start to finish of this tour we hold on tight as we fly through dangerous looking holes and avoid flying cyberdogs. Strong and with a clear knowledge of direction our supersonic Cat Temper provides us the sound that sounds as futuristic as it is feline.

Here we fly! Through scary heart pounding unknowns and pretty illustrious scènes. Dont worry as we are easily in the right safe paws for this adventurous flight in space, a speedy happening that wil keep no alien fish safe and no moving light unseen. As we fly along with Cat Temper we can enjoy the big synths that are played by an obviously eager tail, one that provides melodies of excellent adventures and wil always create a safe and sane outcome to hold onto, even though the mood is one of excitement and excellent thriller thrills, we always land on our legs. Besides we have backup lives if needed! 

Absolutely nobody would be surprised if a cat version of Michael Jackson would turn up and do a moon walk on the surface of the Furbidden Planet. Just keep staring out of the window to see where our journey wil be headed and if any special rain of furballs wil be dropping down on us.

The big boss its whiskers wil thrill with each bass vibe that is coming out of its beloved furry behind. Dont worry, even though gravity is non existent here, the litter wil stay nicely in its box thanks to a steady speed and control by our space cat’s antics. The entire backalley wil be floating in this wild tour around the catlaxy. There is no need to worry as Cat Temper wil be easily wowing the alien neigborhood away. Its clear leadership wil make us sit back and lick ourself behind the ears; even though the excitement of flying through the dangers of the truly unknown, with a cat like this as our guide its perfectly okay to lower our shield and feel protected.

Yes, with all its smoking hotness Cat Temper lets its paws hit the keys in all the right motion. We go forward, through all the starfields, slide through pretty sights and get a glimpse of dangerously dark looking surroundings. Its just like a movie in which the soundtrack is creating all the scènes, yet it is real and all happening in our heads.

Science fictional rooftops are explored and no high tech fence is left out of its watchful cats eye control. With a minimal effect of pure ease,  the flying guide passes through various effective ways. Our four legged synthwave superstar supplies the smoke and the fire, has no problem to toss the stolen open tuna tune cans around like a nice cat version of Robin Hood. We can lick our noses as we ride this right flight with our trusted castronaut at the controls.

With a whistle of a cool villain variant Cat Temper calms us down whenever it is dodging a laser bullet. Every passenger wil probably agree that our hero simply provides a safe, but exciting rush to all who appreciates these future-retro vibes. After a while its not wrong to expect flying night-riders, steaming smokey manholes and tossed over bins in a backyard full of distopian space things.

This is the scenery in which super heroes fly fancy ships or jump from futuristic station to ufo. We can all agree that having big cat ears and special laser eye sight to spot any suspicious meal along the wat is a great deal on the survival scale. The cool and rough looking outside has a subtle  rightiousness to it, one that makes our furry friend the naughty hero. A hero that keeps frowning upon danger, clearly vibing its pure purrs to the point of utter steady coolness! We wil land safely, but we might just want to keep on flying with this new addiction of pure catventure! Maybe we wil find a flying ball of wool!

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1 Response to Cat Temper – Furbidden Planet

  1. Becca says:

    Have you ever watched the movie the nine life of fritz the cat? Check it out. Love your page and unique writing 😸

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