Hunting Dog – Pseudobody

Artist: Hunting Dog
Title: Pseudobody
Keywords: Electronic, experimental
Label: Grimalkin Records

We are big animal lovers over here & cats and dogs are probably on the top of the chain in our book of amazing friends! But the Hunting Dog that we have discovered while walking on the Grimalkin Records area, might be standing fiercely upfront of the whole animal collective. Listening listeners of our monthly funderground show on beachy head radio might have heard our favorite Hunting Dog aswell and if they did, they certainly wouldnt have forgotten the experience. Rumor goes that these listeners are still howling at the stream!

My personal first encounter with the music of Hunting Dog  was to me inmediately the green light for that miraculous feeling of walking into a room in which you found yourself to be the winner. With the outstanding and very one-of-a-kind music that this Hunting Dog makes it feels like you stumbled upon your award winning reward and best prize to celebrate your winnings with!

So if that is only us stumbling upon one tune by Hunting Dog, you can imagine how fantastic it would be to roll out an entire record for us all to be blown away by. This is exactly what it feels when pressing play of Hunting Dog’s Pseudobody! A release released on Grimalkin Records that wil make your head go “poof” and your legs go bang! Maybe the other way around, but it wil affect you regardless! The original sound and style is giving out vibes that are truly out of this world, its a class apart in the music world, only a label pall like Ishtar Sr. might be from a similar realm in space. And yet it is sounding so familiar, especially to the vast open eared and minded fans of the label that has given these talents a place that must feel like a well welcomed home.

It must be noted that Hunting Dog’s Pseudobody is so out of the ordinairy and original in its own right, that any attempt of describing it would be ridiculous. So lets try to be ridiculous: Its diverse, not to be boxed and yet so very itself. Hunting Dog simply doesnt run away for experiment, or wicked coolness for that matter, material that would do well at nightly underground dance clubs aswell as the boomblasters in the back alley cool-cat of streets. If you want to chill and need it as an ambience piece, Hunting Dog’s music can also easily be played loudly without problems too. Its that kind of magic that keeps on giving.  There is such a special elixer of sound and style going on, one made out of upbeat quirkiness that is perfectly dubbed at the same time in the coolest chill: it works so well that you simply dont know when not to hear Hunting Dog… as somehow Pseudobody suits every possible occasion.

With all its atmospheres that are universal and a firm set of paws deeply dug onto the glitchier side of sound, Hunting Dog even dips into the sensual side of Sade without having to fear lawsuits. Breakbeats and cosmic sounds of future vibes wil make many heads wobble in a agreeable agreement: experiment and dance music are the best of friends! Thanks to Hunting Dog they form the new energetic chill pill that we all need to be infected with! My advice is get yourself hooked on this or simply throw yourself a bone towards this album, follow that trace in order to find that eureka moment of encountering perfection in all its unexpected unconventional ways. If you dont, im sure Hunting Dog wil Hunt you down and get the music into your ears by force! It has that edge that you wil be grateful either way!

To sum it all up: Its like Hunting Dog had gone out in the world, hunting on all the best possible things out there (you?), munched and chewed on it for a good while and than created a very own unique creation of it, one that most normal dogs (or cats) would have never had the spark or the mindset for. Hunting Dog created a very infectious (we want more!) sound over here, one in which the Future and the recent past blends together for a relaxed or energetic (depending on your own mood and setting) experience! So tune in and find yourself howling at the link from pure appreciation!

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