Gifgrond 78 blew my mind!

The latest Gifgrond has been absolutely mind-blowing! Three live acts that purely kept on slaying, with sounds, music, vocals, ideas and their entire existence! When entering Gifgrond, the eyes could glaze over the many heads that the event had attracted, it could clearly view the stunning sights of paintings by Sophie Monroy that had found its way unto the walls. Stunning pieces of artwork that gave Gifgrond a modern cave-like environment, one in which your guts would immediately know that this space is the place to be!

Artwork done by Sophie Monroy

Upon entrance, the ears would immediately get attracted towards the exotic tropical-flavored music brought to us by DJ Sajjra that slowly glued people to the impressive sound system. The excitement was high as well as the anticipation for what’s to come! Luckily, there was no room for complaints when Ame De Boue had the honor to pump up the volume by kicking the night in through music!

DJ Sajjra as photographed by Frank Janssens

Ame De Boue was the right artist at the right time. With a well-balanced mix of dark electro pop, the mood was clear and compact. Each song was well-thought-out, balanced and digestible. With live electronics and pleasant vocal skills, this artist managed to put humanity back into the darkness. At the right moment, Ame De Boue would even bring out a melodica to give even more soul to these songs. Every tune was left with a longing to hear more from where it had come from and luckily Ame De Boue had plenty to give to fulfil the needs of the newly addicted fans of this sound. Each song stood strong and fierce, with vocals that came across as if they had been made like a tank and music that simply made standard minimalistic synth Goth look like they could go back to the drawing board. Efficiency was what this artist was all about, with tunes so to the point that it was easy to unload with. Nobody could resist happily bouncing up and down with this gift that kept on giving.

Ame De Boue .. photo by: Frank Janssens

Új Bála came up next, which was a perfect step towards a different dimension. With a nice bunch of electronic tools that this artist was clearly very familiar with, it became apparent that this would be a journey of music that wasn’t just for the ears, but also one for the mind. Új Bála was clearly deeply into the sounds and rhythms, to the point in which the artist became mesmerized in its world of continuous music shaping. Odd grooves with seemingly random sounds formed outer worldly rhythms to clearly freak out upon.

Új Bála photographed by Frank Janssens

Each element became like sonic puzzle pieces, floating in the air for everyone’s mind to grab and connect as they seemed to fit. Personally, I had many moments that I felt euphoric experiencing Új Bála’s music. At times, I wanted to cheer the artist on, to even push the boundaries of the intelligent performance in the hope that even aliens could retrieve this as a source of interest. But in all honesty, Új Bála didn’t need any encouragement as the musician was clearly unstoppable at any time, clearly not making any concessions and heading towards a planet of its very own. And let me tell you; it was a fantastic world to be in!

Duflan Duflan as photographed by Frank Janssens

The end finale was the band named Duflan Duflan which admittedly was the right group to elevate the night into unforgettable proportions! In other words, Duflan Duflan was absolutely incredible! With a drummer looking as if it had stepped straight out of a medieval fantasy world, the shadows on the wall morphed into a hard fanatic surrealism. This drummer was like Thor, super tight, hard, frantic and insanely fanatic. With such a tightness going on, it could only get better and better with more talented matched band members along the way.

Duflan Duflan as photographed by Frank Janssens

The vocals and synth parts were delivered by a very petite looking person who simply made you question reality. Every word came out came with such force and passion that it was like a well aimed sword that poked precisely into your ears. There was no escape, one big stab fest that made me feel like passing out in a base of pure euphoria. To elevate this all was the unmissable and the very base of it all: the bassist! This artist delivered a bass that was such a powerful force of good that all together it felt like my brain did multiple out-of-body experiences.

Duflan Duflan as photographed by Frank Janssens

This bass was dumping a heavy load of heavy staleness that all seemed to wonderfully flourish by! The whole Duflan Duflan adventure was such a full on emotion that the wall of sound and rhythm simply took me out and back, out and back and out and back again. It was releasing so much dopamine that I have to blame the awesomeness of Duflan Duflan for me penning up this review weeks later than intense! It was sooooooo good! And DJ Sajjra would keep spinning even more and more tunes! Gifgrond 78 was simply mind blowing!!

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