Boy+Girl – Boy+Girl (NJMP3-0143)

What... the fuck... oh right, it's the art for Boy+Girl's self-titled album. Some assembly required.

Artist: Boy+Girl
Title: Boy+Girl
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0143
Keywords: Hardcore, Noise, Power Electronics, Experimental
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Running a label called Noise-Joy you’d expect I’d have probably helped release quite a lot of serious noise at some point… and you’d be right! This album stands very much alongside the brilliant harshness of RedSK’s output, the extreme sonic ecstasy of Goreky, the earblasting splitterglitch of Christopher Byler and other luminaries… I mean, it’s really fucking loud, abrasive and awesome in all the right ways. If you’re a fan of noise and grind, you really should have a copy of this. I’m very happy to bring Boy+Girl’s really cool self-titled work out again after all this time!

The first track on the album, and paving the way for a series of absurd album titles that look like they might have been the result of some random word string generator is ‘Glued To A Beam With No Eye Puncture’. Several stabs of bass noize give way to screaming and harsh, intense glitched up rhythm patterns that are totally abstract and yet seem as though they make some kind of sense in a way very difficult to describe. I think it’s in the way the sounds flow, vocal bits showing through the gaps in the bursts of distortion. AAAAGH!

Next is ‘Phage Nocturnal Lept Wide Open’, which starts with some white noise static being filtered and scrambled for a bit, before going right into some more thrashy noisegrind, a more sustained bit of distorted bass shit and then tapering off into reverb. SHIIIT!

‘Rags Meant For Better Treasons’ kicks for a bit, then brings in a heavily effected voice asking if it can fuck you in the ass. If you answer yes, no, maybe or with anything else, it does not matter… the track will continue playing for a few more seconds unless you hit stop, at which point the sharp brickwalling bursts of noise will burrow their way into your rectum. FUUCK!

‘Shit What Means To Glass Capital’ cuts straight to the grinding noisefuckery. Snares seem to be exploding all over the place at one point, heavily reverberating and glitching up. WHHHAAAAA!

Then it’s ‘Driving Hurt Natural Her Bees’. Extreme noisegrind that gets all fucked up at the end, phasing left and right rapidly. NNOOOISE!!

‘Second Time Around The Second Time Around’ spins me right round, with it’s glitch blasts of electronics. DaBOOM!

Afterward, whaddya think it’s gonna be but some more NOISE!? ‘Unendly Cubes Charm Plot Bloated Mess-Up’ almost gets a straight rhythm going for a second, but then slops a pile of grinding assnoise all over it, ending in harsh screams and thrashing snares mechanically arranged to make you lose your mind. DAAAAMN!

But, then? It’s ‘Ghastly Fine Point Excorcist Ship Seven Dwells’, some rapid-fire grind with really great vocal glitch fx. *cough*

‘Expunge Soft LO! Pinion That’s Function Simple’ takes the glitch even further, though it sounds almost a little cleaner than several of the previous trax. Really fun! SSSHHHRRIEEEK!

‘Extra Measure For Bad Pleasure Stops The AID March’ is more screaming over noise-intensive grindcore. GRRRHHAAAAA!

The end of the album is ‘Car Unopen Cat Fossil Dimpled Cream Deactivator Spots’, shrill glitch soon followed by super fucked grind. YELP!

I’m going to have to clear my throat after this review, so you might have to just go on without me… be sure to get this excellent noise work at the link below, though!

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