Concealed Sequence – Digital Blasphemy EP

artist: Concealed Sequence
title:Digital Blasphemy EP
cat: Siro610
keywords: Electronica, IDM, Drum n Base, Ambient
label: Sirona-records

Hello dear Boards of Canada fan boys and girls! Today its the tenth of June 2013! Yesterday we were thinking that tomorrow would never come, but today we can finally confirm you that Tomorrow’s harvest has arrived! So let’s focus on the new rising crop, the fresh obscure IDM stars of today ‘Concealed Sequence’! The Best way to explore the music and style is by downloading their free record released under a creative commons license! This EP in question is already finding its way about with its 9000 downloads in a short period of time! There is almost no time to waste to grab this release before it will get completely hyped up with a carnival of media coverage! ‘Be quick, before its hip’ my grandma used to say & she was very right!

Very little is known of this electronica act. We know that it is a mysterious duo consisting of Zachary Dendinger who plays the keyboards, and the drum programming of Paul Bolstridge. This duo rarely gives interviews, in fact I’ve never ever seen or read one in my life! I have no idea from which county they originate, how they look and what deodorant (if any  …) they use.. But this lack of information makes this duo even more worthy to your own imagination. These are the new (for now) underground electronic IDM hero’s! Forget about the harvest of the past resurrecting today, its Today’s harvest that should deserve your ears affection!

With the ‘Digital Blasphemy’ EP the obscure duo conceived a real statement of their talent, bringing beautiful melancholic melodies together with intelligently programmed drums to relax and dance your ass off too.

A great example is the openings track ‘Igneous Blood’ which delivers basically everything fans of the more sophisticated electronica genre have been waiting for to hear. Moody melodic music brought to you with the best possible choice of smooth authentic astonishing synths of choice. This sounds Epic and beautiful, uplifting and melodramatic at the same time. Each individual of the duo’s contributions is perfectly in harmony within this track, which makes this work a perfect one.

Concealed Sequence isn’t showing their silence-ness with the up and jumpy ‘Abnormality’ track. Next to rattling old school drum n base rattle breakbeats provides wonderful arrangements where flutes and sitar seems to take the main leads. With its length and precision this tune seems to be made to hit the dance floor!

The third track is called “Sub Phantom’ which shows a darker side of the duo. The ‘sub’ is probably referring to the nice womping sub base sound that is one of the elements that makes this a tune suitable for the rude boys! The groove is difficult to attach a genre on; it might be dubsteptriphopelectronica or just pure concealed silence! Whatever it is, play this and automatically you feel a sense of badass-ness. Play this in a London club and some people will automatically walk in a tough way around the room.

The last tune on this EP will transform the trouble makers into raving maniacs. Nice in your face rolling beats go hand in hand with slow and orgasmic sinister tones of music. It’s good to be evil, the music seems to say. Perhaps this is the tune the Bilderberg attendees should spin in their limousines while returning home after another successful meeting of globalist scum? Or will they listen to another electronic duo that brings the sound of a depressive state of apocalyptic new world order?

This is the first encounter with ‘Concealed Sequence’ and it’s a nice one that leaves the ears waiting to hear more. It isn’t the newest futuristic sound neither does it trying to be so, but still a feast for the ears for anyone who is into programmed breakbeats and fine melodic electronica.. Interested? Then click on the following link and download this EP for free!

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