Papier Tigre – Papier Tigre 7″ (AT045 / SRR071)

Papier Tigre - Papier Tigre 7

Behold, the simple design… the aerodynamics… of Papier Tigre’s self-titled 7″. The colours are lovely, too.

Artist: Papier Tigre
Title: Papier Tigre 7″
Labels: Africantape, Sick Room Records
Cat#s: AT045, SRR071
Keywords: Experimental Rock, Math Pop
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Another request! A paper tiger is “something that seems as threatening as a tiger, but does not withstand challenge.” Any time I hear the phrase I always think of The Chameleons, but maybe now instead I’ll fondly recall this self-titled 7″ from Papier Tigre.

The a-side is titled ‘Personal Belongings’, which starts with a barrage of guitar and drums. I really love this so far, the vocals are great, the unusual percussion and production makes this feel very post-punk or even Krautrock.

‘The Difficult Age’ is the b-side, it’s got some really nice vocals and guitar melodics! This is definitely my favourite side of the record. It goes into some dissonant, pummeling math rock.

I really enjoyed this! You should get a copy, I think… I’ll give you a link:

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