Various Artists – 10b1t

artists: Various
title: 10b1t
cat: Siro101
keywords: diversified, electronic, low bitrate aka lobit label:

As a lobit fanatic and a frequent follower of the very productive Sirona-Records netlabel, this compilation has been screaming like a baby to be reviewed. Unfortunately there was not a lot of time as the requests for Yeah I Know It Sucks were keeping us occupied and this compilation came up even before this blog came to life. Lucky for us it kept on crying ‘review me! Review me!’ and finally after running around, after failing to plunge my ears with earwax I gave in to give this excessive massive compilation the attention it so deserved! (and craved!)

The compilation is so large and huge, and for many of the participants it was kind of the first time, making music in a lower bitrate! Which made the secret in’s and outs of lobit awesomeness into a worldwide household name! The success story was so huge that everyone seems to be jumping on board of this ship before it could be spread out into 3 digital CD’s! Yes, you read it correctly; this compilation covers the amazing length of 219 minutes and 42 seconds of pure lobit extravaganza!


Le’ts begin with the fresh start of the beginning of CD1. The lucky artist that has the honor to open up this joyful gathering of music is ‘Syndrom’, with a track called ‘Fleeting Movements’’. Which with itts actual mysterious light weight sound a perfect choice! Expect some soft crunchy beat and warm sounds that come across like opening a front door and feeling the air of warmth from the other side. A warm welcome, you may say!

Than label owner/promoter/producer and all round friendly presense steps in the doorway to great us all with warm hot cacao drinks, milk and biscuits! Or in other words very friendly pretty wonderful brightness, with a slurry smooth rhythm to accompany them. All-round pleasure full of warmth!

As if to make a brutal point that lobit is the ideal format to deliver a fine punk ecstatic, the one and only ‘The Captain Kirk On LSD Experience’ blows our brains away with his hit single ‘Overrated’. Funny enough lobit seems to be underrated by many skeptics but TCKOLSDE really slashes them anyway! Heavy beats, energy smelling of horsepower on speed and some heavy vocal performance that you simply cannot escape! Kirk kicks ass!

With ‘Ambiant Konnekt’s Citrus we have a fine break from the violent sound we have just encountered. Think of beautiful synth pads that feel extremely retro. It feels like we are floating in space among weightless debris and relaxing drones. This is deeply soothing and doing a great job in making the listener extremely comfortable.

Another retro sounding work is the pretty sweet track by an artist called ‘Euan Cai Atkinson’. With its laid back beats and hippy-esque attitude you almost feel like being transported in the new age space hippy era. Waving your with daisies decorated long hair naked in a field among other naked long haired people who pass out pretty smelling joints like a peace-pipe! So pretty and so friendly!   A lobit compilation would not be complete without the legendary Graffiti Mechanism on board! With his ‘weak’ contribution he brings back the more experimental side that the lobit genre is rich and evolved in. Rumbling metallic but yet again friendly noises escape from this track. On the contrary what the title implies, this track doesn’t sound weak at all. Rather something that is the total opposite!

Ofcourse if Graffiti Mechanism and Pollux are too be found on a lobit compilation, it would not be an ultimate shock to see another lobit character parading around. Or actually pecking around as this is Toxic Chicken that I’m talking about. It’s a very close friend of mine and here the chicken pocks some kind of serenade to a beautiful girl. ‘your heart is freaking bloody, you are just a bag of bones, you are a beautiful girl’ is what I can make up lyrics wise.

artist Nuno Maltez created a special 32kbps guitar track to be featured on this Sirona compilation. The warm strings vibrate luxurious warmth and the lobit rate seems to make it even hotter.

Another personal favourite track wise is ‘Cassette Home’ by Genetic Trance. It sounds like just the thing that you could wake me up for. A lovely steady looped relaxing beat, and basically a friendly sounding improvisation with something that could be an lobit organ. It is super funky and friendly and I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of it!

What’s next? Ah yes a strange sounding experiment heavy leaning on a guitar and some strange sound farts. Do I hear the sounds of someone choking or trying to talk Japanese? There is some disturbance in the cable, but don’t worry it is all part of the show!

One of the rich of mind artist out there makes an appearance under the moniker d0x10. The track name ‘yxTqXot is normal in comparison with the strange madness that is the content of this audio work. A very strange composition of the oddest and most absurdist never heard before sounds that seem to create a moment that hangs between completely genius and properly insane!

The great Fabiorosho really makes a nice statement with his track ZRZ. Does this smell like alternative chiptunes to you? It smells excellent from over where I am hearing this! The track is Rough around the edges and darker than your average chip material, nice rolling sounds and a proper mental-ness that is utterly enjoyable.

Another great mysterious and on the edge of brilliant and paranoid insanity is Hlo! I have no idea where he is and if he is okay, he has changed so many times his online names that he is probably the most untraceable artist around in the digital underground. I’m absolutely loving his output and enthusiastic outburst! Here he is actually not really present himself, as this is a Anal Tapeworm Rave Mash-up of Tooth_Eye, being lobit-ted by Tooth_Eye himself. It’s utterly confusing, but it is romantic!

A strange duck (or shall I say, a beautiful swan?) is the track by The Ambience Project. It sounds like we are receiving music from a different time, something from the sixties perhaps, its nice and warm and something that mixes chill out, ambient with lobit techno? There are even sexy vocals somewhere in this ultra lobit realm!

From the relaxing state we get a nice injection of dance punk by nobody less than Psycho Mum. Her track is called ‘I Hate Kids’ and is pumping pure beats and acid-sized lobit fun!

One other artist and label owner of the 20kbps label who seem to have disappeared since last year’s December is Gert 2012. I really hope he is alright somewhere and will return to the scene one o these days as I’m personally not only missing his sounds, but also would love to see and hear new 20kbps releases! I’m sure he is somewhere in outer space being examined by aliens, because his creative brain must be worth a good look. His music here is soft dance with a political side note.

The friendly and talented Sven Meyer comes up with a track called ‘A Game Boy In Arica’. It is what you might call the essence of lobit what the artist has captured here. Everything seem to be so compressed that we can hear the beautiful vibrations that the lobit rate adds to low encoded music in all its full glory!

One artist that you just have to love is Koobaatoo Asparagus, here he delivers a noise experiment that sounds absolutely friendly. It is as if he recorded different chapters of a audio book. Hearing the trusted sound of walking into a 7-11 corner shop, high and low pitches, interesting hisses and tea kettles fluting because the tea is ready! This track is a real enjoyment that has enough to hear to keep the listeners busy.

The big boss of Happy Puppy Records and music producer Lee Rosevere is up next with a lovely work called City in the cloud. This is a moment of calmed and truly relaxes every ear that receives this. Beautiful synth work that breaths out a friendly soft glow.

The last track on the first part of this ultimate lobit collection is the adorable work of Creix. This talented musician kindly donates more than 11 minutes of pure pretty feel good music. Lovely mellow melodies and perfect sweetness! Calm down and enjoy!


After enjoying the beautiful work of Creix, there is nothing better than hearing more pretty music. And that’s exactly what an artist called Panterhead delivers at the opening of the next chapter of lobit extravaganza! It’s very relaxing and seducing with its almost hypnotic state of repetitive beauty.

At every party there has to be a party pooper, or an invasion of a cop called in by the neighbours because of noise complaints. Here we hear Agent Switters crash the party, but instead of arresting everyone and bashing hats with his stick, he actually delivers some aggressive looking bottles of pure amphetamines!

A lovely appearance comes with the cutest sounding track by Ghoul Skool. Lovely innocent and cute in a lo-fi lobit poppy field with actual vocals! Got to love it!

Than all the way from Mexico, The Pink Blob hits the speakers with a sexy electro hit single about his Sexy ‘bad’ Cat. It’s never too late for a cute little happy dance with furry friends!

Another artists that I’m actually close befriended with comes up with an sentimental ambient/drone work. It is the work of Covolux and sounds crisper clear and a little (lo)bit holy moly.

Another excellent artist called Moonsugar creates a great sounding track called ‘Suicide’. We hear a tight and slight depressing rock beat, with excellent baseline and something that could be classified as synthetic bagpipes. This is something that will automatically make your head bounce along with its rocking groove. Really nice and to the point!

Collaborations are always exciting! But especially when hearing Flashroyal and Vziel team up together it is like magic alternative sparkles pop out in the underground mental field of experimental electronic field. We hear freaking bleeps, a great psychedelic voice speaking as if its spoken from a trance state, on a steady beat with more extra ordinary space synth improvisation. Packert Hell is not only well known for its hellish computer systems but also for its obscure appearances on diverse secretive compilations. Here we hear the producer in action making something that comes across as lobit pop with a nasty fun twist.

The never disappointing music of Microbit Project is out to make a appearances on this compilation. His track is called ‘Sir Da Da’ and is of course outstanding! Groovy touchable funkiness that is provided in the shape of an irresistible beat, base and exclusive lobit synthpop! It’s nasty, its sweet, it will deliver everyone who listens to it a rocket to the moon and a pair of black sunglasses to bring along the way! Super stuff as always!

Another personal producer that my eyes are glad to see on this compilation is Hectic Head. Here he combines his intense voice on top of an intensive dark helicopter-ish sound sending you a good fuck!

An intensive journey is provided by Subterrestrial with a track called Incomprehensible Air. Which contains incomprehensible sounds that seem to come from out of nowhere, and creates lots of tension that will keep your ears hooked to the speakers.

The exclusive artist with the name TTTRRRAAASSSHHH also does a great attempt of flabbergasting (and penetrating!) the ears with a crazy collection of trashy sounds! Perfectly emptied and saved from a potential garbage bin and recycled for your enjoyment in this experimental track.

I’m not 100 percent sure if the grindcore of Iamdeadsmiles58 is compatible within a lobit format, but here we can hear them co-operating together! This is pretty in punk and feels as if we are hearing nascar racing with ants behind the wheel! Pretty intense if you know what I mean..

A than a track by Lofist featuring uh … me! I sing on this track! Ain’t it nice? Or is that not for me to decide?

The coolest lobit warriors called Frikan Rhym also surprise my ears and eyes with their appearance on this gigantic compilation! They blast their trademark rhythms within the realm of a track called ‘Duck Quack’.

A nice punk ass blow of mind blowing insanity (something that works surprisingly well in the lobit rate) comes as a track by Trans Atlantic Rage & Balogh! Red Bull And Speed sounds absolutely fun, humoristic and very close to what you can imagine with a title like that. Crazy!

Lobit legend and label owner of the extreme lobit label 8ravens cannot be missed on this compilation. Luckily he isn’t missed as here he is with a work called NVDE! Nice bubbling that comforts the ears into the relaxing state of 8kbsp heaven!

Khepera comes with a very short and strange track called ‘3 Over The 5 Carry The 1’ and sounds like someone who enjoys ticking a finger against an empty beer bottle.

The always surprisingly good Sonore Fiction put us all in a natural druggy state with the relaxing lobit trip hop called “Musrhum Party’. Bump your head along with this cool laid back groove!

The last track is an intensive experimental work by Ploof. I hope the guy behind this creation is alright and not lost somewhere in Japanese territories. Or maybe that’s actually a good thing! Anyway wherever he is hiding nowadays, this special soundscape counting precisely 11 minutes takes us away on a petite little lobit journey consistent of hand glued recordings.


There isn’t anyone else in the entire lobit galaxy that could provide a better opening for the third section of this lobit party of the future. We hear here the treasurable wicked robotic lobit alternative electro sensation delivering a perfect track called ‘138’.

A nice transition brings our ear the sweet and warm sounding ‘Telemetric Sky’ by Elechtronica. Experimental plucks, and synth pads are supplying a feeling of being weightless in a environment of feathers and soft pillows.

Kai Nobuko (hey I know that dude!) brings something that is basically still something that keeps me busy every day. ‘Lazy Times’. I hope this work would be enjoyed on the beach, while camping and laying lazy in the sun. (or other relaxing activities)

Than the surprise act ‘Las Tocayas Tomateras’ comes up with something to twirk your asses on! Nice wobs are combined with groove and baseline and of course singing! Shake them titties, Mario!

One of my personal favorite lobit (and hi-fi!) producers is neuroSampler, and here he brings a very enjoyable IDM-ish space track called Moon Scan in the galaxy rate of 32 kbos. Those twitches and cut n paste loveliness sounds excellent in this warm vibrant environment! And the deeper layers of dark and deep sounds that slides on top of it are simply saying ‘This stuff is brilliant!”. The last part where the electronica start to rhythmically sneeze waves all other electronica of this genre with a nice fierce middle finger in the face!

Diamond Sea brings some oddity to the party with the fun and strange sounding track called ‘Weeping Egos’. It feels like the music is doing an acapella on its own in a stripped down session where melodic stuff meets sweet hissy noise and soft snowstepping in some far and absurd galaxy. Pretty and weird!

Slightly more with the volume up to penetrable volumes is the track by arxo called Battery Free. Who delivers a surprising slow experimental lectronic track that features pretty base sounds along roaming noises.

After experimental stuff we are in the mood for more experimental stuff! And in this case sugarcoated in an enjoyable techno coat! Funky acid sounds and rhythmic drumming along some cool space effects makes me want to dance in a space costume without helmet! So I can lose my head along the way!

A moment of relaxing in the galaxy of lobit comes within the lengthy track delivered by an artist called Zoo Blot. It is called ‘Just Because You Are Blind’ and I guess the artist made this for blind people who want to trip and visualize things on this pretty psychedelic work.

An artist called Gameboydork plays with our heads! It’s the power pill pacman dance! Eat fruits along the way, dance! But be careful for the ghosts!

1997, I remember it well… The Lo-Fi Rave Busters take over the lobit party with more danceable weird ness. Funny stuff brothers!

The legendary producer and label owner and prolific superstar Sascha Muller is luckily also present in this gigantic lobit party! Here we hear him delivering straight edged beats that are of course as always irresistible! Rave on!

A really nice experimental track by Arrhythmic Buddha follows up, lots of glitch sounds combined with pure pretty tones, really are creating something original and strangely pretty. Something for the lover of fast breakbeats and pretty electronica weirdness.

Than a moment of strange non existing animal sounds come out of the hands of Golgotha Communications Ltd. It’s if the artist has combined seagulls with white whales and recorded the end result in a sterile environment.

Hlo re-appears with something more swinging fun insanity! Fuck Yeah Bitch! The clock cant set who fucked it up! Classic!

Pretty dark and pretty nice is the work that Master Toad has brought in for our listening entertainment. It feels as if we are listening to a pretty mudd of pretty sounds on a wet jurrasic park landscape in the far future.

This track goes perfect together with the music made by Zreen Toys. This work is also sounding as if we are somewhere in a very wet jungle with strange mutated animals, muddy floor and gigantic overwhelming plants that move as if they secretly want to eat you.

Where is the noise in this compilation? Ah, here it is! I just thought we had lost it! It’s the work supplied by Ethnomite Pux and is pretty rough and at the same time very warm sounding. Lobit noise for the masses is pretty short and enjoyably fine.

A strange but almost adorable sound is created in the world of dataloss by Bedawang. It’s a track deliciously encoded in 8kbps and it sounds very much like that with deeper coats of underlying baselines and spaceness.

To celebrate the unbelievable ending of these 3 CD’s full of remarkable and excellent music in this amazing lower bitrate that supplied so much warmth to these artists their tracks, comes the live recording by an artist called TO• GO• RO• NO• MI• KO. The perfect ending where psychedelic ambient rock creates an atmosphere that will light the place up as if its pretty fireworks!

This compilation is a must have collection of all kinds of diverse music, all kinds of styles and vibrations and amazingly they all work together so very well! Something to keep in your pocket, carry with you at all times (it just takes up a little space as the bitrates really safes a lot of storage space!) and basically to enjoy at all times when in the mood for good music in a warm environment! get this gigantic compilation over at the following link:

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  2. Linda says:

    Capt Kirk on LSD just gave me that I-know-how-you-feel-about-the-marketing-team-nod that I needed. thank you! (goes for a respin, not ready for mystic citrus fruits yet)

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