The Industrialism – Thunderstorm In Magnetic Tapes

artist: The Industrialism
title: Thunderstorm In Magnetic Tapes
cat: Siro583
keywords: drone, fieldrecording
label: Sirona-records

Outside in the industrial world of this Sirona release, the weather is pretty heavy. The thunder and lightning fills up not only the sky but also the ears of who engage to listen to this record. The rain keeps a nice flow and seems to clean the dirt away while warm tones that could be described as a thing called music makes this track soft and relaxing.

It is this that recalls the happy moment of hearing and seeing a weather form that you don’t actually want to be walking around in, while being in a comfortable (and most importantly) dry place yourself. The mix of sad and bright ambient and the rainy field recording is feeling as it is cleaning and rinsing the mind softly. This is something that is well recommended to do once in a while. Get your free comfort-zone over here:

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