I Love Monsters – Two Words

artist: I Love Monsters
title: Two Words
keywords: alternative, indie, dance, rock, pop
reviewer: Willem van O.

I Love Monsters? What kind of monsters would that be?
Probably not the ones called marc dutroux, jimmy savile or gary glitter.
Although it might be that these kind of monsters would love I Love Monsters their young and sweet and energetic sounding sounds of music!

I Love Monsters is this energetic fun little indie young sounding pop rock band that has this typical American tongue and cheeck sound to the vocals!
You know the blink 182 sound vocal wise, but the music by I Love Monsters sounds more cute and lovable than the catchy punk agressors.
With the ‘Two Words’ release they bring 3 friendly alternative tunes that sounds surprisingly possitive and uplifiting
enought to do some happy dance alone or with youngster friends!

It is perhaps strange but you don’t need to love monsters to love ‘I Love Monsters’ energetic and teenage vibes!
It’s a bit like the music you would expect to hear at an all American High School,
or perhaps that’s what Hollywood giants like ‘american pie’ would want the foreigners to believe.
If this is your thing than move over and enjoy this band at the following link:

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