Hassan K. – Talab

artist: Hassan K.
title: Talab
keywords: electronic, breakcore, chiptune, dub, experimental, electronic, glitch, persian, surf,
label: Darling DaDa http://www.darlingdada.com/

Hassan K. hits the road again and also this time we are all invited! We have to dress up as an Persian version of Robin (from Batman) and are being rushed To The Raksh Mobile! Here we are speeding as Hassan K. is driving us through wild landscapes, fairytales, dodgy roads and wild rhythms. Hold on and enjoy while Hassan K pulls up in to loudest gear and let your hair blow by blasting the accompanied theme song all in your face through the incredible integrated boom blaster!

An internal phone call is being made at the pitstop and it’s obvious that we are on a mission impossible kind of mission. The people that Hassan K wants to speak on the other side of the phone line simply don’t pick up!
Luckily Hassan K makes good fun out of it by playing around with fancy music!

Than our wild rid moves harder when an acid like chase start to happen with the Raksh Mobile at the very top! The cops are trying to get this album to stop from playing, but Hassan K’s skills are just too good to be stopped! Hassan K drives around them, leads them into a dead end corner; spreads them all with infectious music and presses a turbo button and drives off!

Ah, we have arrived at the ‘Amenian Club. Suddenly we are rushed in style, all dressed up with polished shoes and a fancy tie with tomato print! Horns are swining, persian flutes are singing and our feet are grooving while we pop champagne to find the thing that we came for.. through a small corner, at the back of a ballroom through a little tiny door behind a small hidden curtain..

There was ‘Chirini’ playing poker while sitting luxurious on a pile of beautiful pillows. The atmosphere was grand and relaxed. This was a place that Chirini felt safe and the musicians in the corner playing their theme of this very scene made us all feel like ‘Chirini’ was a track of great importance. Untouchable! I am not sure what Hassan K. had to deal with this piece of music but it didn’t take very long to go out for more adventure.

Or was this adventure this happening in our heads? Did that previous champagne bottle had some liquid acid and was it now working on the brainwaves? Or was it the smoke of Chirini’s pipe that start to kick in?
Total panic! We felt so good, but we had to pull our own hairs to find out that we had been tricked into madness once more!

We had to destroy! To trace down our enemy that had spiked our drinks with craziness! Hassan K brought out his super tool box and together we had to beat the shit out of dodgy looking heads (either imagined or real!) while Hassan K provided the perfect energetic music to fight of the newly met demons! Wraaah! the guitars pumped loudly and our tongues started to spit fire!

Than suddenly an odd snack like person came up with glasses filled with poisonous liquid! This is for you guys! This was the moment that I lost track of my new friend Hassan K. I was alone with strange hallcinative sights but I knew Hassan K was there as after all he was providing the insane soundtrack of this imaginative movie. I don’t really remember what happened, other than that i saw Hassan K. jumping in hyper speed on Saltanati, but before really recovering from all the strange happenings at both the corners of my eyes we run into a track called ‘Haji Finuz’.

There I met Hassan K. again and we started to dance the crazy pink flamingo dance, legendary famed for its outstanding jazziness! We heard some hardcore base kicks knocking on our nostalgic heads while we quick stepping our ways through this melodic hyper realm of excellent music!

Oh shit, what is happening now? Hassan K is being pixellated. We are trapped in a gameboy jumping in rapid speed from block to block, like little pixellated prince like creatures of Persia, trying to avoid getting impaled by a nasty looking pixel spike at one of the many holes we jumped over. The music was good though, extremely well made to even go faster than what was possible! Oh wait this was ‘Mundus Imaginalis – Level 1’ and we had survived it? Amazing!

Hassan K exchanged the Raksh Mobile for a camel with a special super cape for us to travel on!
We somehow managed to escape being trapped in the gameboy and getting some good old fun riding as fast as we can in the sunlight of a well baked and hot desert.

Like a cheerful nomad Hassan K. pointed out with his music to a place dooming up in the horizon!
It wasn’t long before we entered the gate of the groovy premisses of Nâzyâb. From the outside it looked like an mythical arabic city but from the inside it was like walking around in a bouncing castle, strange figures, bubble gum, tripped out visuals and some strange raccoon that started to talk.

I have no idea really what brought us here and why Hassan K brought us over to a place called Nâvar but here we chilled out on soft pillows, smoked a mysterious pipe, listen to great drums, music, and here we faced our inner demons quiet comfortably. Let’s drink some more of that spirit, let’s dance and not ask to many questions about what the hell had happened and why we end up like this? This must be the power of mind-blowing strange music,
a mysterious mythical journey that for everyone that jumps in that Raksh Mobile will end up probably in a different way! It’s a spiritual tripped out trip full of great melodies, original instruments, a mix and match of modern electronica and all presented to blow your mind away!

Buy or download this beautiful madness over here and join Hassan K for an adventure you will not forget!

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