Order Of Killing – Broken Arrow

artist: Order Of Killing
title: Broken Arrow
keywords: dub step, music, free, electronic, dance, experimental
label: kaleidoscopic.Label
reviewer: Arie Zuipen

Sometimes you walk around in underground land through some dodgy looking open roads and encounter a similar looking lost traveler. This time it was on a afternoon when I saw this track walking around holding an empty bottle of Gin and walking in a zig zag way, a bit bend over with obviously a bit too much alcohol inside of him. I tried to get its attention but as the track bubbled and barfed a few deep bass sounds, it was difficult to come close without getting intoxicated myself from the gasses that the wandering track had slipped out. I looked more closely and saw that it was not only holding that empty gin bottle but also (how bizarre) a broken arrow. I checked the tracks face and it had strains under neath it’s eyes from crying.. Oh my, this broken arrow must be the reason for this tracks obvious drinking problem.
As the track passed by it mumbled something about being a member of some ‘Order Of Killing’ and that I would be next on the kill list if I would not give it some nice words of praise.. How the hell did the drunk track know that I was in search for something to write about? After all the tracked seemed of its tits!
It must have been a moment of clarity.. Anyway the track walked off just as zigzagging as it came in my sight and I can only point my finger to its possible location –>

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2 Responses to Order Of Killing – Broken Arrow

  1. Order of Kiling says:

    Thanks for your review on my horribly mastered track. Much love. And yes I realized after I released that I dunfucked the sub bass volume; which is why it sucks. Why don’t you review my newest release? Oh wait, you can’t because it does not suck.

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