Ashley Reaks – This Is Planet Grot

Artist: Ashley Reaks
title: This Is Planet Grot
keywords: punk, experimental, dub, hardcore, improvisation, old school punk, post punk, punk-punk, hardcore punk, punk-rock
reviewer: Willem van O.

Ashley Reaks just dropped a punk album that is one not of your average sheit, but one full of actually high grade quality stuff. Rawness with untamed guitar and Ashley proving to be a in-the-know for some very catchy hooks and even manages to insert actual prettiness without losing the punk attitude.

It’s a ton of energy good for mosh pits & kicking yourself in the butt. It’s unbelievable if you think that (minus the wicked drums played by Dan Mizen) Ashley Reaks plays everything else that your ears can hear. He is a man on fire, buzzing with words and knowledge of great riffs providing a really great refreshing take on punk. It’s like an emulation of older attitudes and brought out together in one blast; made by someone who actually knows how to play his instruments..

Wake up people!
Punk has just been resurrected and is out on a possible rampage!
Hear this fresh album over here:


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1 Response to Ashley Reaks – This Is Planet Grot

  1. Linda says:

    Not tgif but Thank god it’s Monday!!!

    Fuckkerszzzz, you’re not gonna survive this week, cos it’s Ashley Reaks on the headphones….!

    A while ago there was another Ashley Reaks album reviewed with a woman singing that I liked quite well. I think I like the works of Ashley 🙂

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