Reed Burnam – To The Gates

Artist: Reed Burnam
title: To The Gates
keyword: experimental , bedroom pop, psych, game-music, lo-fi, casio, childrens music

Come and go out with the sound of Reed Burnam. His album ‘To The Gates’ will be perfect companionship..
Listening to his music you feel that the producer is a friendly chap as so is his music. From the almost Barbapapa-like intro you will be able to hear that this is one lovely ride of sweetness. When you hear ‘A Fine Day for Traveling’ you just know that it IS a fine day for traveling, even if it rains; Reed Burnam’s music is so cute: it defeats any unfortunate weather circumstances.

Even creatures that normally would scare some of us he can transform in lovable cute sounding encounters. His ‘Mechanical Bats’ is a fine example and makes my toes tingle and dance on their own too. His ‘City in the Clouds’ is as relaxed as staring at a blue sky watching a couple of beautiful shaped clouds slowly passing by.. It’s really a good friendly time chilling with this music by Reed Burnam, his ‘Leave Them All Behind’ might even refer to ‘troubles’ as in this wonderland there is definitely no room for bad vibes or trouble.

The cute sentimental part of ‘Memories of Home’ is filled with a pretty melody of joy that sparkles lights upon your own heart. What can I say more? This ‘To the gates’ album is like a sugar cube, not too sweet but sweet enough to make your day not of a bitter one. Memories are also brought up again with the track ‘Places Long Forgotten’ which is a loveable cute moment of children’s innocence that could only exist in a perfect world.

A world of magic balloons, always sunshine and everyone is a silly little friendly friend. And of course there are ‘Underwater window’s to look under water and enjoy the cute fluorescent happy fishes swimming by while adorable music plays.

‘My Thoughts Lie Beneath the Ocean Waves’ is another mindful little track that gives just more and more love without being cheesy. I obviously really like this record, because every track is so compact , friendly and the melodies so diversified that it’s like these 17 tracks are 17 little presents for happy listeners. Even the track ‘Beginning to Feel Heavy’ might imply to sound a bit more ‘heavy’ but if this is an emotional heaviness than it is still as light as a feather to my ears. Or is it about our little virtual walk and spending time in this wonderful little landscape of cuteness that starts to tire up our host?

After traveling ‘Across the Frozen Wastes’ the artist introduces another nifty simple but pleasant melodic piece named ‘Sunless Days’ that even if it is sunless might have a sun shining within its melody. The ‘Fortress of Sollitude’ is less happy, but sounds more as if we have just arrived at a palace made out of ice and the mix of ice and sparkles is a weird combination giving cold and blinding the eyes.

After a bit of a walk we go with Reed Burnam up for a tiny adventure in the ‘Tower of the Dark Lord’. It has a nice view and the Dark Lord doesn’t seem to be at home. Then after 15 tracks it’s time to make our little way back home. In Reed Burnam’s world a ‘Long Trip Home’ is just 1 minute and 43 seconds; which is even sounding shorter while listening to the pleasant chill out walking music provided by this lovely artist.

Even the end of the journey has its own little cute petite theme track. A extra bonus to feel good about ourselves as we have found and followed through a very loveable and cute album that was inspired by B-movie theme music and classic video game scores. You should hear it, it is absolutely adorable:

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1 Response to Reed Burnam – To The Gates

  1. Linda says:

    The album is sure lovely and out of curiosity wandered a bit more on mr. Burnhams bandcamp. I’m even more surprised and stoked with the ‘Adult Contemporary’ album! More singer songwriter, very diverse. He’s got a bit of an Eddy Vedder touch to his voice, very nice 🙂

    (Maybe a bit quick to judge, as I’ve only made it to the 5th song yet. A little impatient today)

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