Shibboleth – Crooked Frame

artist: Shibboleth
title: Crooked Frame
keywords: experimental, expressive, post-noise, folk, rock, spooky, Ireland, video

Crooked Frame is the latest Shibboleth single and is in contrast to the material on their ‘Farewell EP‘ really more to the point (if there is a point of course..) perhaps I have to word it differently and write down that ‘Crooked Frame’ is the obvious single that even though being it very ‘Shibboleth’ , it also has a structure that for some reason effectively goes in the head as a proper pop song without actually being a pop song. Perhaps there is black magic involved?

Since a few weeks ago that the song had entered my ears it has been bouncing around in there like a pinball. It wanted me to interact with it.. I wanted to contact Shibboleth and ask if I could sing on top as the work spoke so much to me and somehow is so suitable for singing. Perhaps if you hear it, you feel like writing some lyrics too and join the members of Shibboleth by singing your own input on top.. Maybe not?

As I’m shy and terrible with emails and other communications (yeah I know it sucks..) I forgot to gather the guts to write to Shibboleth if it perhaps would be okay to sing on top of their latest single as some kind of tribute until… Now several weeks later there was suddenly a message of Shibboleth themselves!

No, they didn’t read my mind or invited me to sing on top of their latest single, but provided the excellent news that they made a music video. Not just a music video but one for this song that had been haunting me in my dreams of creativity; Crooked Frame.

A video which features (probably) the members of Shibboleth in a vague setting wearing masks which would make singing a bit more difficult. There is also footage of one unmasked individual carrying a big box which might be the outside of the other scene in which the alleged band-members are in to perform this song. (Or it might just be a unrelated thing..) in any case it’s a good moment to feature the video over here at YIKIS, drop a hint to Shibboleth if there might be a future chance of the awful voice of a singing reviewer on top of their single and of course a time to link you eager readers to a bandcamp place for getting the single.. But first the video:

The single can be obtained over here:

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