Ancient Funeral Cult – I fucked god when he was drunk

aartist: Ancient Funeral Cult
title: I fucked god when he was drunk
cat: FNR027
format: 3.5’ Floppy Diskette (limited to 33 copies)
keywords: black metal, metal, lobit
label: Floppy Noise Records
reviewer: Leo Obit

Floppy Noise is responsible for a fine collection of nasty floppy disk releases with content that might give the innocent nightmares and the pure at heart possible heart attacks. This floppy release by Ancient Funeral Cult’ is not different in the shock department and will probably please listeners that like to celebrate Halloween all year round a great deal. Its provocative title ‘I fucked god when he was drunk’ might also upset some people, but hey that’s Floppy Noise; a micro rebellion at heart filling up cute floppy diskettes with darkness and demons.

It has to be written that this release might not actually sound scary or depressive, but its sound makes the dark side very appealing. This has nothing to do with the dark side of George Lucas and his asthmatic creation Darth Vader, but more the one that some people preach about that consists of a underground Holliday resort with eternal burning in the flames and a vast amount of suffering with the great horned goat. The power of this single by this Ancient Funeral Cult’ is that it sounds like a very attractive black metal party that does a great deal to seduce you into removing your morals and to indulge in sinful activities while being under the influence of this exciting bunch of rambling metal.

It’s a black celebration, active and wild but filled with energizing energy that would be enough to go out and start a fire. Who could have thought that such a sweet and nice looking floppy diskette could turn lives upside down in such a drastic way?
If you are too sweet, life is boring and you are in a physical need for a push into the dark direction than let this floppy diskette be your extreme stimulant. You can order a copy over here:

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