ranthon – Evolution is a noise

Artist: ranthon
title: Evolution is a noise
cat: Plataforma 106
keywords: glitch, ambient,
label: Plataforma Recs
reviewer: Leo Obit

I can rant about ‘ranthon’ but the artist’s music captured my attention from the start, which gladly made me completely forget my prepared rant. The music that my ears heard was this free downloadable release named ‘Evolution is a noise’ which has a point. Or perhaps even multiple points if you consider to count the tickling glitchy rhythm orientated ticks as points.. It is them who keep the first track companionship as a steady flow of the lower laying piano mumblings mumble in a classy fashion. They too sound a bit glitched up but not in a heavy matter; making this track one of light chatter, but somehow also feels slightly dramatic. I’m not sure what it is that provides this sad feeling, but it can be felt and thought about while engaging into this work.

The track ‘blackflid’ keeps the two glitchy friends together but brings in also some new elements. The piano mumbles but sounds a bit more happy. Not like ‘happy birthday’ happiness, but more of a ‘it rains hard and my friend went out with umbrella’ kind of happiness.

The cracking points of clicks meet up with some soft static as well as a reunion of the now sufficient glitched piano. The combination tickles my nipples as if tongues twirl around them in as form of romance. It must be coming from the warm sound that ‘Gnu’ is cracking out, but I believe that it’s the track for on the background when you bring a potential lover to your home. It is warm enough to take off all your clothes and yet cold enough to embrace each-other’s body Heath. Let’s start some ‘evolution’ or ‘devolution, baby.

Things might get a little awkward when the next track plays, but that will keep the things exciting. There are next to the previous heard friends also some new ones in the mix, most prominently is the rather loud bleep thing that might be coming from a fax machine. ‘Go home your drunk’ the fax says..
The glitchy ticking ticks are at their top form here, which could be nice in combination of you engaging in some hokey pokey.

With a track named JST I feel it’s the evolution of communication and technology that is expressed here. Some modem sound, a little noise, a glitch here and there and a ringing lit of a charming acoustic cooking pan can be heard next to the occasional lovers of piano and pointy clicks.

But the highlight on this release and probably solid favorite is the title track ‘evolution is a noise’ which brings the most steady ticks available and teams it up with a lobit-ified melody, which is a big hurray for lobit and the lobit scene as this means that in the end of evolution we might be moving towards a world of lobit.. And we all know lobit is the shit!


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