Thorsten Soltau – spielt Stefan roigk: diffusion & recherche

Artist: Thorsten Soltau
title: spielt Stefan roigk: diffusion & recherche
format: cassette tape / digital
keywords: experimental, ambient, noise, plunderphonics, drone, Augsburg
label: Attenuation Circuit

Some artists know how to put their best feet forward and recycle sounds from others into a complete new thing. Old movies, perhaps even old English radio plays, the dust on a vintage piece of vinyl.. This tape released on Attenuation Circuit seems to be made out of sound recycling conducted by Thorsten Soltau. Some things kept their original identities; some are completely ripped apart into what appear to be broken noises. It’s all nice and polite but there are also some nasty sounds that make trouble. It wakes up and is probably healthier than coffee and cigarettes.

At times the recycled sounds make me feel like checking the cables; are my ears still working? Is it really to sound like this or might there be an error along the way? We might have lost the hearing on one side of the ears as the artist focused more on the other ear..

It is fine, soft early morning sewer sounds come in full stereo again. Little drops of urine do a little morning gathering in a nice acoustic environment of pipe-works. It might as well be recorded in a closed public toilet. Everything and anything is being able to be reused, recycled and cannibalized for the greater use of sound art. The soft lovely crackles return and make the environment nice and warm. I would love to sit down on a toilet seat and combine this part of music while reading an old fashioned newspaper.
A soft repetition of an experimental guitar-ish robot making sound repeats itself in the soft ambience of warm morning crackles. I can hear some activity in a background kitchen, some early bird moving some cups while a voice whispers something that I can’t understand. It sounds like an tiny insect that uses a next door toilet and reads a similar newspaper out loud. But with its tiny body the volume of the voice is just too soft to hear if she is reading the same stuff as the paper that I’m reading.

It’s a good morning show, a very warm session of some time for yourself. It’s pleasant news that the friendly sound of soft crackling keeps itself going for a while; Long enough to finish the morning paper. Just at the moment that I want to go for the task to wipe my butt with a tissue, a new polite group of recycled voices come in. A organ classic melody raises its tone to make this wiping moment one of compliments. Some soft and yet high uprising tone flies by for a while to replace the organ and after the use of the bidet; it’s time to pull up the pants and release this article. This music is a perfect match to team up with your morning (skipping the coffee!) ritual..

It starts of polite. Then makes sure you are awake. Let you do interactive things like checking the cables. Calms down for you to release a brown morning fudge. Wishes you a polite continuation of the day at the end.

Grab yourself a copy of this tape and your morning would be highly enriched. Here is a kinky link:

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