Nick + Noah – Bells Are Ringing (video)

nnartist: Nick + Noah
title: Bells Are Ringing
keywords: Christmas victims, debut music video, video, Christmas music
reviewer: Willem van O.

Are you sick of ‘Wham’s last Christmas’? Are you fed up with a lifeless Live Aid song sung by deranged and delusional soap stars that nobody has ever heard off? Is Christmas making you puke in general?

We can’t help you as we can’t even help ourselves. It is this time of the year in which our mailbox is being filled with fake snow, coca cola sponsored images of Santanic Santa’s and dodgy looking elves that try to force down the seasonal spirit down our ears, eyes and throats.

We have tried to barricade the mailbox, tape it up with super glue and spit; but the deadly sickening Christmas virus has been leaking in the office space infecting the unpaid employees all over the premises. We are not the only one who has been infected, also Noah and Nick (Noah has a thing with pairs) are seriously ill from the infectious Christmas disease. They are in a heavy state and the only way to help them is to avoid them at all cost as their Christmas spirit is ready to jump on whoever enters their music video..

Yes, Nick + Noah are so sick of Christmas that they have written Christmas music and now are in a Christmas daze promoting it with a potentially viral video. They even wear Christmas sweaters, Christmas beards, Christmas gloves and arranged more frenzied Christmas friends that juggle with Christmas bells in a feverish way. The group of diseased Christmas sickos are now spreading the horror through a famous video sharing site; infecting anyone unlucky enough to click to watch and hear it.

This is a warning… Do not, I repeat do not watch or hear the following music video by Nick and Noah unless you are already sick of Christmas. But if you wish someone to join the sickness, be sure to pass this video virus to anyone that deserves it. Here it is, be warned as this Christmas spirit is no joke!

If this debut music video of Nick + Noah isn’t infectious enough, or you simply can’t have enough of the sickness; they have recorded a Christmas EP which will be released the 15th of December. Face your doom!

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