Elektrojudas / XNDL – Split

Artist: Elektrojudas / XNDL
title: Split
format: black vinly (limited to 200 copies) / digital
keywords: electronic, electronica, techno, industrial, experimental, ambient, melodic
label: Attenuation Circuit http://www.attenuationcircuit.de/

The following split between Elektrojudas and XNDL is one for the fans of the electronic melodic style. Retro lovers who browse the web for the classics will be able to add this new one to their collection of early birds with also enough modern day twists to build a bridge to the nowadays.

Elektrojudas starts off with a downtempo introduction that simply promises on its own a good set of electronic music. The artist isn’t lying as it’s continuation with a pretty track named ‘erision’ brings a nice blend of cool and yet laid back electronic synth music. The electronic music is matched with nicely programmed clear beats but it is the slow intriguing melodies that steel the show. The tune ‘nothing else’ especially highlights the great skill of bringing a calculated old school electronica piece that has a dramatic technoid pop structure brought out in a masterful way.

For some reason it made me think of the classic techno track ‘u-boat’ , it has this strong melody from a very German caliber. ‘Monday in my mind’ is again sounding like such a classic, going for a lovely but dramatic piano melody that gets integrated in the electronic structure. For all of the tracks delivered here by Elektrojudas counts a very strong talent in melody making which are memorable with a certain retro feeling. It sounds classic in the techno sense of the word which certainly adds to the melancholic mood of them all.

XNDL is also strong equipped in the melodic electronica way and because of that a great teammate for the music done by Elektrojudas. XNDL does go for a different direction, experimenting more with the structure, beats and sounds more industrial influenced in my opinion. The pop structure is out of the window but the electro rock is now prevailing and ruling this side if the split.

The music is less straightforward but definitely got me grooving on the fat sounding beats, excellent dark electronic vibes with here and there moments of pure prettiness. The tracks are like a well-made moody puzzle that sound intelligent to kidnap the listener from beginning to the entire end of the record. An end in which every kidnapped listener will be finding the dark groove that goes in the heart like a moody but powerful memory.

This is a excellent split featuring two sides of a melodic dark electronic melody coin by two different projects dealing with their own style and delivery. Elektrojudas brings more the classic structure bringing happiness to the electronic nostalgia lover, while XNDL is more alternative and intelligently upbeat while keeping up the dark moodiness of this session of togetherness. In other words check this split out as it is pretty good stuff:

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3 Responses to Elektrojudas / XNDL – Split

  1. XNDL says:

    Thanks for the nice review. I always appreciate feedback and the opinion of other guys about my work. Cheers,XNDL

    • kainobuko says:

      Glad you enjoyed the feedback 🙂 next time we will make sure to assign a girl to write a review for your work 🙂 thanks for the music!

  2. elektrojudas says:

    Thank you for this nice review to. It was a honor to realize this album with XNDL after so many years of friendship 🙂

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