Tommaso Busatto – UYUY

Artist: Tommaso Busatto
title: UYUY
keywords: electronic, experimental, ritual, ambient, drone, experimental, noise, other, post-punk, tribal, Venice

The art of saying things with music is one that Tommaso Busatto has high up his cv. His track ‘Floating Head’ is such a study point that many music students from Italy and small portions from all over the world visit to learn from. Tommaso Busatto just simply nails it, as every teacher, university professor and student will be able to see indeed a floating head when visiting this track. It wobbles nicely, as it passes by in its floating pace for all to be admired. Isn’t it marvelous?

The drum students and electronica addicts are always going straight for the other recommended piece name ‘static ritual’. Here sound education and complete freakiness go simply hand in hand to bring both things at its very best. Drum students can point their ears, jam along and experiment, while electronica addicts can inject it, smoke it or even snort it with the help of their ears and start a freaky static noise dance. It’s really nice and freaky, so just in case you don’t want the return of Missy Eliot; you can get your freak on with Tommaso Busatto.

The medical students of all faculties can come back to ‘No-Head’ to check out this sound visualization that gives the vision of ‘no head at all’. In fact this track might rinse the mind in such an experimental nonconformists way that you won’t even notice that your own head has been made redundant. Here Tommaso Busatto gives the students and all who joins this club of sound admirers the experience of being just a body without head. The neck might be a bit drafty without the proper lid, but it also is the best cure for headache.

^ Italien students are studying their favorite study material

^ Italien students are studying their favorite study material

The students that come from the percussion department are always bragging that they engage in the ‘Dynamic Ritual’ as much as possible. This ritual normally only happening behind closed doors and full secrecy is now exposed and available for anyone with an appetite in rhythm, dynamics and sacred Italian experimentation. And yes, dance students are also welcome to express themselves over here..

The last part of this frequently visited and studied mental music material is of course UYUY with the speaking voice of Yurugu. The deep bass, the shivering ritualistic rhythm, the mood of dark mystery and shaggadelic bad breath is such a thrill to hear and attend. You just know that this is something you would like to write your mother about, but you know you can’t because it’s too secret..
The sound rumbles like throat singers coming out of the underbelly from the earth, trembling and inspiring every eardrum that it can reach, before it just hits the engine and drives off like a dodgy mud mobile.. With this intriguing study material, school and universities are simply fun again!

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