Madoka Ogitani – Take a Walk

artist: Madoka Ogitani
title: Take a Walk
format: CD-r / digital
keywords: ambient, Japan, Tokyo, acoustic, guitar, easy listening, folk, girl, instrumental, melodic, ambient, toy piano
label: La bèl netlabel
reviewer: Willem van O.

Anyone in need for some quality cheese? Not too salty, but you know the ones that are sweet and perfect? The ones that melt in the sun / can be danced up on while having garden parties among friends? The ones that are actual of a music kind, that can only be described as rich and lovely in flavor?

Madoka just got what you are searching for; lovely cheeses that are not bitter, but sweet from the outside all the way to its lightweight inner core. The collective name for these musical cheeses of ‘Take A Walk’ clearly suggest to take these music friends with you on a walk. A great idea as it will turn the environment into one full of love, happiness and of course good cheesiness.

^ a perfect round delicious looking cheese for you and your friends

Don’t be a selfish bummer and keep these sounds for yourself by going around with headphones on, but please do share these lovely melodies with the walking environment.

If you do, you will notice that cats will smile, people you’ve never seen before will wave in a friendly way.. Trees, children, dogs, grass, monkeys and even bricks will absorb the cheesiness and return a mood of pure love.

^ the cheese is packed in a lovely crafted package, with cute flowers to cheer everyone up. + there is also a bonus cheese! isn’t it lovely?

It’s not every day that you can find cheese of this lovely caliber, so please use it wisely. If played while experiencing a beautiful day, things might be even too beautiful, but on sad rainy days things might quickly turn around in to sunny happy days!
If you want perfect cheese, than this is it. Enjoy alone or with friends, and future friends:

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