Manu – Imagine Dragons – Warriors piano cover

manArtist: Manu
Title: Imagine Dragons – Warriors piano cover
Keywords: piano, cover, keyboard, classical, soundtrack, acoustic, ambient, instrumental ,minimal ,Finland
Reviewer: Willem van O.

Piano covers. Oh my gosh piano covers.. Blankets, knitted towels, and even plastic covers; you got to love ’em. But did you know that there is also another kind of piano covers? It’s not a thing to cover the piano up, but it’s basically a tune being played by not the original artist on (guess what?) a piano. Or something that sounds like a piano..

The following artist Manu is what you can call an expert in those kind of piano covers, he uses the fingers to play a keyboard that emulates the sounds of a original piano, making it almost sound like the real thing. Of course this happens to go under great concentration from the playing artist, who is obviously going for his best take on the piece as he records his effort to be uploaded on the online video sharing site Youpoop.
The piece, of course played with great precision sounds good, and if you play multiple videos of the artists piano covers in a row; it’s really nice sleepy background music.. But to me the visual is an important thing that makes me want to share this phenomenon with you.

When Manu plays someone else their music, you don’t look at his fingers but at his face. A face so white, so styled, so concentrated that it almost looks like it’s a mask featuring a ventriloquist doll expression that produces a piano cover as if his life depends on it.

^ The face of Manu

^ The face of Manu

Might there be someone out of screen holding Manu under shot? Perhaps the original artist stands behind the camera demanding their music to have an original Manu piano cover? Is it a part of the Saw franchise in which the jigsaw killer asks Manu to play without mistake or facial expression, or otherwise death may come up him? Or is it indeed just Manu enjoying the tightness of him ‘piano covering’ these originals, and that’s simply the face that he carries when he plays these tunes? In some way it makes total sense that he covers ‘Warriors’ as he somehow seems to be a warrior in his own field battling great piano covers, for us to enjoy on a easy sleazy evening, a relaxing weekend or when you need a soundtrack to pop that bottle of champagne, and spoon yourself some cheap caviar. The face of seriousness plays the keys, and we can observe, listen and enjoy;

For more piano covers, covers and even original Manu compositions, you can browse to his Manu account and explore all the other well played goodies:

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1 Response to Manu – Imagine Dragons – Warriors piano cover

  1. Rinus says:

    I listen to this artist for quiet some time now and I discovert that he can compose new music as well. So other pianistas can cover his work with a piano cover.

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