person/people – Internet Love Music

Artist: person/people
title: Internet Love Music
keywords: experimental, idm, dance, electronica, experimental, electronic, love, people, person, porn, pornographic, romance, romance-drone, vaporwave, Tuvalu

Sometimes a modern internet artist knows exactly what has been missing in our modern day culture, something from the glorious days of the past that is as visual as it can get whiteout actually revealing anything. The artist named Person/People went into the depths of vintage soft porn and brought up the forgotten vintage soft porn background music that simply made the scenes into the sexy thing that they still are today.

I’m glad this artist did what it did as the result is absolutely one of the missing music albums in my life. The original soft porn soundtracks are truly amazing to hear without the visual suggestions of sensual actions, flashes of flesh, and other erotic actions in fuzzy VHS lightening. The recycled music is not only a great exposure to the classiness that the soft porn once was, but also proof how an important roll musicians had to make this sexy atmosphere complete. Of course this album gives you the chance to reshoot your own vintage porn video with the fitting inspiring and suggesting music, but also without pornographic intentions this release is a pretty wonder to hear.

Capture the passion of the ‘yeah’ & ‘oh wow’ singing singer, the sexy sax, laidback horny funk and experience the full on retro ambient sounds with all its charm and sensuality. It’s a great relaxing listenable soundtrack really, a way to re-enjoy a lost part of culture that is for sure a charming revelation of the importance of musicianship in the vintage porn industry. You can download, hear and enjoy this pretty stuff at the following kinky link:

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