Wings of an Angel & Tziona Achishena – The Dialogues Of Longing

Artists: Wings of an Angel & Tziona Achishena
title: The Dialogues Of Longing
keywords: ambient, dark ambient, drone, experimental, noise, ethereal, female vocal ,jewish music ,spiritual world, music, Israel
reviewer: a shopper at the biologic shop

It’s fair to say that you’ll need to be in a spiritual mood to completely give yourself to these tracks done by Wings of an Angel and Tziona Achishena. It isn’t pop music and even though there is Tziona’s singing involved, it’s a far niece from the more commercial road that the likes of Enya had been sailing on.

It’s a treatment like angel delights that you can imagine an official church spokesperson would describe as the music that could be found in text book versions of ‘heaven’. You know angels in white sitting on clouds in the sky, eating cheese sandwiches while talking about the things angels talk about. No idea what that would be, as what’s there to talk about in such a ‘perfect’ state? Perhaps they gossip about the shapes of other clouds? Or they simply brush each other’s hairs and wash each other’s wings to kill the time? Rumor goes that they play harp, but that’s not the case in this heaven like music done here by Wings of an Angel; no harps!

No harps? No harps. But there is this angelic singing, drone-ish ambient, sweetness with a flute, sometimes a piano spaced out floating in the emptiness of perfection. It is simply enough to not really miss the harp, but if the harp had been included; gates of heaven might have been rolled out open for everyone to jump in, so it’s perhaps better that the artist had left them out. Still, you can always pick up a harp and start to jam on top of the angelic output that comes out from this album, just to see if it is indeed the shortcut hack to enter heaven without following the rules.

The collaboration of Wings of an Angel’ and Tziona Achishena is the stuff you can hear for relaxation, or perhaps because the perfect you want fitting music for that role playing goddess dress you want to wear, or something you would like to hear while wearing a blond curly wig and acting out as if you are Cupid. Personally I think to give this one to a biologic shop close to my home, a place that always rely on ‘Enya’ to get that healthy atmosphere in the shoppers air going. Buying products that have not gone through the genetic modifications process is an act of bliss and self-love, so with this album It will make my shopping experience a lot more comfortable than when ‘Enya’s sail away’ meets my ear for the billionth time.
Get in touch with your angelic side and hear this heaven-like (minus the harp!) music over at the following link:

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