Uské Orchestra

artist: Uské Orchestra
keywords: experimental, electronica, electroacoustic, folk, Indie

From Belgium we have the music delicacy better enjoyable than chocolate; Uské Orchestra. A source for music that is cute, weird and pretty at the same time. It’s a raw bowl of electronic sound experimentation that flirts with plastic fantastic sounding melodies, toying around sounds and an all-round coziness that you only would come to expect to receive from a good but strangely loopy close friend.

Uské Orchestra is at the same time a mystery, a musical mechanic inside a toy, something you really got to go out and search for. Luckily we from yeah I know it sucks went out for a stroll on the internet and found some tracks by Uské Orchestra that you really should hear. Take for example this one named çabruüle.
As a part of a compilation of Singapore Sling tapes this Uské Orchestra really stands out in its flexible cuteness. It’s something that people who are mad about a duo like Matmos would go crazy about; just because it isn’t Matmos and is a happy sound and music brunch that is more of a happy go kooky kind. It simply shines in my ears like freshly made plastic blow up balloons in various colors and shapes, going for a mellow but pulsating rhythm that will inject certain happiness to the mood that you have at the moment. So be careful when you are in a very good mood at you just might overdose on an extra good mood when listening to this happy go lucky tune!

Coming from the same compilation is a completely new and kind of different Uské Orchestra track. This one is named ELLE FANFARONNE which is simply delicious. Just imagine a fanfare parading in your ears consisting of the most adorable cute looking fluffy mice that play their tiny instruments as if they are doing a music tribute to the biggest and finest cheeses out there! Their tiny mouse mustaches might tickle your ears in a pleasant way, and so does the music! Really cute and and a fluffy:

A more laid-back composition coming out of Uské Orchestra is Eperzute. It’s really a happy sunny sounding mess that swiftly can cough up memories of sitting in the sun with all your squeaky toys while obviously a little bit out of it from previous self-inflicted intoxication. It’s the perfect capture of a moment that we are simply too wasted to be bothered about earthly things other than a ray of sun and a squeaky bathtub duck to talk too.


The next track is also a total recommendation; it’s Uské Orchestra teaming up with GNG to deliver a music work that is happy, bright, smart, fun and so joyful. There is the honky twinkly plonking of the music joined by a cute slightly petite sounding voice and an orchestra of feel goodness. You just want to play along when this reaches your ears, either with a shaker, a toy-trumpet or a pair of feet stuffed in clown shoes!

I think these tracks all could lead to one conclusion: Uské Orchestra’s music is cute, inspiring, adorable and innovative in a way that bunnies would smile, dogs would howl and cats meowing! You just got to hear it to believe it…
So here is a link to much more audio proof for you to check out:

Or you can see and hear Uské Orchestra this Sunday
(30 aug) at the upcoming Gifgrond party..

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  1. Linda says:

    JaaaajaJAJAJA!! ploink plukpongblokkle ploink, will so be there….! ❤

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