Lucy Stoner – Who is… Lucy Stoner

Artist: Lucy Stoner
title: Who is… Lucy Stoner
format: Cassette
keywords: punk, classical,drone,experimental,improve,jam,jazz,krautrock,minimal, , music concrete, nashville, noise, psychedelic, soundtrack, Swansboro
label: Sweet Sounds Records

Lucy Stoner gets a warm welcoming applause before opening a world of deliciously lucid stoner material. A beautiful psychedelic live composition is what is happening here, hooking the ears of interested listeners up like a fish that enjoys it’s bait; anyone into psychedelic music experiments would probably feel refreshingly inspired by this audio material. Music wise it’s a great example of bringing order in what could be chaos, making melodic progression in a natural way, without losing its on the spot vibe of raw experimentation.

From acoustic instruments that have the allure of ancient trip music, to electronica, minimalism, vocal oddness, and even explosive unexpected noise chapters. The world that this Lucy Stoner presents within this album is fascinating in a way that it could be heard as if it’s a drug that gladly will transport hallucinations in to your brain by channeling music and sound through the ears. Hallucinations that are pretty much different and unlike any other hallucination to be described here…
^ pictured above: not an hallucination, but the actual cassette tape release!

But while being exposed to the third chapter on this Lucy Stoner album I had a clear and distinctive vision of the Himalayas completely snowless with big ancient looking bears in old robes overseeing the valley. They got involved with providing humming hymns of  bear-like blessings, obviously directed at the groups of bear believers that had gathered around… It was all brownish, yellow, sand paper colored with a intoxicating green sky as it’s highlight…

The fourth chapter begins and I visualize woodpeckers, bow and arrows that hit trees, rumbling landscape machines in a strange mysterious forest with electric night frogs and a glow of mysterious happening in the middle of it all. A voice appears wildly and determent, like a warrior princes that enters the scene while seated high on top of an elegant elephant. Electronic minimal raindrops come out of the elephant’s trunk while producing a sound that will gain respect among all who dare to wander around in Lucy Stoner’s world. But you should dare to enter this fascinating psychedelic zone as it’s not only a visual audio happening to expand the mind and your travel stories with, but there is a drum and guitar happening that will feed the vision of the elephant with an amazing ritualistic dance you really shouldn’t want to miss out on; it’s perfect ‘head bang and step your feet into levitation’ material!

Volume 5 is also interesting material as it makes me feel as if we ‘the listener’ are suddenly inside the elephant who walks on the points of fitting ballet shoes, each and every time a couple of steps to follow the music. Until the sound is getting more bombastic, wild, and the full elephant feet is galloping around like a happy and rather large puppy dog. It’s an happy energetic exploration that gains more and more weight the more the track evolves. The end part is surprisingly light, as if the excessive bombastiness now makes way to the next level of inner lightness..

…a vibe that easily slips into the last track on this release. Music develops again; melody, drums, and a certain raw edgy rhythm and flow that once again touches upon the psychedelic realms to get out of your head with. It’s an album that requires your mind to be open for expansion, but once you have opened up it will deliver Lucy Stoner’s world in all its might and glory. Get it over here:

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1 Response to Lucy Stoner – Who is… Lucy Stoner

  1. Linda says:

    A nice nice hippy pink psycho noise! I thought upon first seeing the cover art it would be a unlistenable dark terror noise release, but the pink gives it all away! Hippy noise with hippy crew, so much people listed making this I was very pleasantly surprised 🙂

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