Red Trees – Give Love (side A)

Red Trees - Give Love (Side A)
Artist: Red Trees
Title: Give Love (side A)
keywords: pop acoustic electronica experimental folk Italy
label: La bel netlabel
Reviewer: Caffeinate

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand welcome back! It has been but a mere few minutes since we last left off with JWYTIWSaYIKISWGTDARVI. Up next is…you guessed it! MOAR MUSIC.

I’m going to apologize for this one. Why? Well, you’ll see in a moment. I was continuing my walk and as previously stated I was in an ominous mood. Sadly, folk does not mesh well with ominous moods. So, suffice it to say, it didn’t hit me in the right place.

That being said, that does not mean I didn’t listen to it. The two vocalists have superb voices. Seriously, absolutely wonderful. They grace us with their wonderful self contained wind instruments with every track! Awesome.

The guitar playing is also nice. The drums, when they come in, add in that little bit of umph to drive it home. A good small collection of sweet and beautiful tracks.

But Caffeinate I wanted your in depth reviews, track by track saying “sweet little folk tune” and “oh my god THE SWITCH UP to a different tone.” Alas I cannot deliver on that. This release I listened to as a whole and barely paid attention to the track titles. While I wasn’t completely fallen for this release, I did enjoy it and felt it needed to just be listened to, without having to worry about the review to come later.

Now, something I was drawn to was the description for this release. Apparently a specific member of this duo (Lou Richards by the looks of it) was succumbing to some personal demons. Then, when the second part of this duo wanted to record with some friends, the demons were dealt with! Seriously, that’s some awesome stuff and just goes to show you the power of music. No matter how dark or scary things seem to get, music can pull you out from the depths! So, that was something that definitely moved me. Seriously awesome stuff (the whole not having the demons to worry about and such)!

Personally, I make friends with them, then absorb them into myself but hey, whatever it is that makes ya happy then go for it.

So, if you’d like to listen to a release that pulled a musician out from some bad places, as well as listening to some solid and beautiful folk music, this one is for you!

Get it here:

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