Furchick’s stop motion animations

1Not very long ago we featured the new ‘Chris Cunningham’ of the next generation Jan Strach, but it’s only fair that there should be a female counter part to claim this precious throne of video art. Without all too much extravaganza I would like to inform you that our team of reporters and researchers did find the female ‘Cunningham’ of our next generation. Strangely this creative video artist had been sitting right under our noses, camouflaged as an experimental sound musician. Let’s give you a hint; it’s furry and has feathers?


But how is that possible, how on earth can Furchick be the female next generation ‘Cunningham’? Well, ladies and gentle males as you must know by now; everything is possible! And I might even make the remark that besides everything being possible; nothing is impossible!

Many scientists did take a good skeptical look at the proof that our reporters and researchers had & even they came to the conclusion that Furchick might or might not be the female equal of the ‘Cunningham’ of the next generation. Let’s look at the proof and our point of interest; spectacular spectacles aka videos on the internet!

These videos are nicely hidden (like the video talents of Furchick) under our noses, between trillions of videos on a popular video sharing site. Videos so visually stunning, so incredible special effects wise that you will be completely forgetting that it isn’t real! That’s right, the video might be real but the creature featuring in this movie is (as far as that the researchers concerned) totally made up.

In fact this video film might have been the result of hours and hours of hard hand work, thousands of frames and lots of sweat and tears. Nobody said that being the next ‘Cunningham’ would be easy, and now with the strong devoted video arts of Jan Strach and Furchick the future is settled with audio and visual talent.

Oh yes, the next generation ‘Cunningham’ isn’t just doing amazing things by renovating and reinventing video, but also provide the sound effects and music! Oh yes think of Furchick being Aphex T & Cunningham in one! Talking about leveling up on the talent scale, eh? Anyone else is aiming to be the next big ‘Cunningham’ for the next generation might want to start working extra hard with these all round multi media champions around. Oh, before I forget… Here are a few highlights in modern video arts by Furchick (please enjoy) :

Pretty much amazing!

You won’t believe your eyes, such special effects!

Behold the technique! The camera angles and futuristic sounds!

For more Fur ‘Cunningham’ Chick, please do visit her on soundcloud:
or check out her latest adventure with her brand new ‘Dog Park Records’ over here:
Oh and of course the famous Furchick youtube channel for more amazement..

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