A Washing Machine At The Laundromat

Artist: A Washing Machine At The Laundromat
Title: None
Label: Dexter Mega Load (?)
Cat#: Couldn’t find a serial number for this thing anywhere, they must have hidden it
Keywords: A Washing Machine, Laundromat
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Whilst cleaning clothes… (or is it ‘while’ cleaning… maybe I should just say “as I was cleaning some clothes” so I don’t sound like a knob…) I realized the most perfect music of our times being produced by one of the machines we’ve relegated our chores to. It was like something out of Luigi Russolo’s wet dreams, something rivaling all of the greats: Beethoven, Lady GaGa, Chopin, Mark Williams, Kanye.

I couldn’t believe it… the soft whir was like a musical opus of the imagination! Yet, this poor, docile machine, was doomed to the squalor of a laundry den in the middle of nowhere, singing it’s laundroliloquays to the dumb, deaf ears of those who’s prime motivations were merely to see the brown stains out of their bedsheets.

I began to dream of the machines’ liberation, that I could rile and rouse them to freedom; like bleach, I would lift the stains of their sordid pasts, undetergent by the brute force that would no doubt assail us.

Then, the song ceased, and my laundry was clean. I went on to dry those clothes, never forgetting the dream.

Not today, comrades. But, maybe one day. I’ll need to think it over two loads, or something.

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