Captive Portal – Bloke Sitting EP

artist: Captive Portal
title: Bloke Sitting EP
label: AFA Sound Machine

‘Hey Guys’ is the first wicked tune that will meet and greet your ears in a positive way when you decide to play this EP by Captive Portal. How it sounds and feels like? -like walking into a male only sauna and acting confidentially as one of the lads. I’m not even sure if these gentleman even use a towel to cover their genitals up; that’s how free and happy this little welcoming tune sounds like. A happy sausage fest that whether you are a sausage wearer or have nothing like it attached to your own body, can be perfectly enjoyed like a true undercover Popsicle detective. In other words ‘hi guys’ sounds as informal as it is free!

‘Oak Bloke’ continues this thriving EL with music that seems to plug in to the sense of pure confidence. Thick distorted but super cool and ready and steady electronic beats present them self like a solid house of groove, with subtle craziness in electronic creamery and handclaps to form the topping on the cake, with a nasty but delicious
Melody rolled in to be sucked in for additional energy and fun; let it flow into your veins and reign you!

Also ‘Penny17’ is doing something amazing on this EP over here. It’s like listening to flip flop wearing octopuses playing a friendly game of ping pong on dry land. It’s very inviting in its look and feel; making me want to grow tentacles and join in for a game or two! This sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Even the last track named ‘sitting on a song’ is hitting orgasm status by proving the excellent music that feels impossible to sit still on. Here it’s more bumping and jumping in the air; having great body movement interactions with the intense rhythmic percussions along with the fine and friendly melody and bass freak outs of the finest electronic freakery. If you had been sitting on a song (or multiple) then this track could be seen as a lactose ready to lift your ass off so all these songs could escape into the bright skies of ideas and freedom. Good stuff awaits at the following link

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