keywords: cool, metal, extreme, insane, noise, lol, Stoughton
reviewer: Untitled

Insane Boobs are introduced by an insane sounding voice that clearly loves the arrival of these insane boobs. Wouldn’t say it sounded like the excitement equal to a NUCLEAR FUCKING BREAKDOWN, but as we are of course sane listeners; it’s hard for us to imagine how an owner of an insane voice thinks and reacts to the sight of insane boobs.

The insane voice continues in a more gruesome way telling us that ‘DEATH IS UPON US’. I bet the owner of the insane boobs might be slightly offended when hearing this, but perhaps the insane boobs have no owner & in that case; they certainly have no ears. The insane voice get companionship of distorted guitar sickness, with an insane militant after bite; making the all-round sound and feel pretty much in the insane sector of the music business. I mean something like PUT YOUR HEAD IN MY MOUTH isn’t something you would hear every day, and sounding wise it indeed gives you this feeling of having your head stuck in the artist his (I presume) insanely large mouth.

Next up is JUMP YOU IN YOUR SLEEP which sound a bit like Alec Empire having a paranoid attack while being recorded before his daily intake of cheese? Luckily there is a nice layer of noise on the back, squeaking the insanity level up a notch. The last bit is another but different sounding track named MENTAL FUCKING BREAKDOWN. It’s here that the sound is suggesting bouncy jump movements. It’s not hard to imagine that this is the music inspired by insane bouncing boobs.
It’s a short E.P. but it’s long enough to check if you are still sane, or indeed have the insane factor to fully appreciate this release.

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