Ippu Mitsui / Annie & The Station Orchestra – Ippu Mitsui / Annie & The Station Orchestra

a3811019236_16artists:   Ippu Mitsui / Annie & The Station Orchestra 
title: Ippu Mitsui / Annie & The Station Orchestra
keywords: experimental japan break beat-drum&bass-dubstep electronica lo-fi-indie-pop-blues no-fi-psych-technopunk uk pop psychedelic-electronic-noise-pop rock… United Kingdom
Label: Bearsuit Records http://bearsuitrecords.webs.com/

Hiya readers at home…
and Hiya, kids!


hello Yeah I Know It Sucks! 🙂

What’s up? are you having a good time? Seeing your smiles, I guess you know what’s up!
It’s time for music!! And fun!! It will make everyone who feels like this:
…into something like this:
So you agree that you need some boost?
You need that music to get that dose of bonus happiness into your system?
You want that energy you had, but forgot that it is inside of you (somewhere?)…
this album by Ippu Mitsui / Annie & The Station Orchestra is the solution!

Seriously! It will kick you right under your ass, will twist your face in a delirious look & you will be instantly saved from doom and depression!


Hey! That doesn’t sound bad at all!

Don’t worry, the state of madness comes with new color for your glazed eyes,
will electrify your inner senses and will give you the power of an tyrannosaurus!
Once you are all plugged in, and have that lovely smile secured,
you can dance! Just give into these senses and feel free.. Nothing is weird!


its not dancing in the rain.. but yeah, if you like to dance with the umbrella; who will stop you?

The tracks have various themes, so you can dance in various ways.
From bombastic stepping around, to dreamy circling in circles.. When you reach half way the album to hear a piece named ‘Time’, you will feel a bit like flying…
this might be a perfect moment to whistle from happiness. And if you don’t know what to whistle; be free to whistle along with the meowing synthesizer… it’s so cute! Just like a cat!
I don’t know what to say to convince you that this is a lovely album,
something that will make you happy & entirely free from pirates..


Aye, Mateys.. We will not bother you while you enjoy this album.. hAhrrr

Of course you cant dance nonstop.. but don’t you worry; relaxing time is also included.
It’s a moment in which you can sit down and approach it as listening music. It’s friendly, with cute bells, and strangeness.. You might say it’s a little trippy and adventurous!
And when the trip is over, the album takes us by the hand for a final spin…
All in all… quite a fun album. I couldn’t find the words to do it justice,
but I have been smiling, dancing and exploring along with the music.
Join me, and we will smile, dance and go on a tiny adventure together..
follow the link:




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