Wieman – Alive Futarist Minifesta

artist: Wieman
title: Alive Futarist Minifesta
keywords: experimental ambient drone noise Augsburg
labels: Attenuation Circuit http://www.attenuationcircuit.de/ / Korm Plastics http://kormplastics.nl/

Wieman comes with a celebration work of futurism that will take you for a ride. So jump in that descent steamy looking train and hear the engine blob and clog itself with oil. The gas pedal is being pressed in so you’d better wear a seat-belt and hold on tight. Project Wieman takes us onto a trip in which we sit back & suddenly lean forwards as the drivers likes to play around a bit. But we travel forward, that’s for sure.

In the forward zone some crackling sounds might pop up; is there something stuck between the rails and our wheels? Or perhaps something broken in our heads, or just mine? Whatever it is; it keeps the excitement alive in what would normally be quite a straight forward ride, One that subconsciously leads to rhythm, a happening within music that could be used to dance upon. In this case it’s a nice coming together of experimental music and something that makes it more approachable for ears influenced by dance culture. It’s a combo that melts these things like two ‘yes’ sayers on a wedding; creating a new arrangement pleasing both sides of the family.

Think wobbling bass, Dadaist words and sound slipping in and out. It’s a ride that is of an eclectic and celebrating kind. It’s material that molds itself into passages of time, soundscapes, rhythm and abstract moments. It’s a journey that will deliver every kind of listener something of interest. Even the Startrek lovers get a full on homage by recognizable reuse of special audio effects from the original series. There might be laser noises to spice things up, but in the end the showcase will turn classy and delicate; delivering listeners safely into a precious zone of being relaxedly entertained.

Project Wieman basically pulls everything out to create a very interesting, and above all positive soundscape experience for all to enjoy. The quality is high, but comes as no surprise with sound veterans Roel Meelkop, Frans De Waard and Jos ‘Mad Mod’ Smolders being responsible for the output of Wieman. Tune in, get a copy, don’t hesitate to celebrate 100 years of Futurism!

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