Whales – The Music Of Sound

a2320160452_16artist: Whales
title: The Music Of Sound
keywords: rock birthmark blue chicago cookies david lynch dream pop dreampop heavenrock noisepop prf shoegaze strange connection Chicago
reviewer: Willem van O.

‘The hills are alive with the music of sound’

Nope, no musical over here about a nun, a family and a bunch of Nazis but music done by Whales. Whales that play a self-made mix of dreampop, heavenrock, noisepop with here and there a spoon of shoegaze. Of course I do not know what this means, other than expecting that there must be something angelic about it, something tough, and of course something to dream away with. Violently dreaming perhaps…

For a pair of Whales the music is pretty much out there. I mean they sound like humans, making music with hands, arms, and mouths who are pretty much accustomed to the human language named ‘English’. The music done by these Whales are of a dreamy kind, yet at first sight it doesn’t come across for sleeping. It’s more like dreamy punches providing hearts and rainbow colored glitter with each guitar stroke, drum ramble and angelic singing. Their first track on their ‘The Music Of Sound’ EP named ‘Birthmark’ become a bit like a busy boxing match: Punching these dream sparkles in the face, making it a bit difficult to dream peacefully. Not that this was the musical intention of Whales, but at the time of writing I personally had somehow hopes that it could knock me out in order for a good rest.

Luckily these Whales also deliver a work named ‘Blue’ which for the greatest part does everything to create a soothing calm flow of soothing material. Everything is relaxed, a bit like being wiggled around in protective arms, a place comfortable enough to let the eyes roll inside and sink into that dreamy land that the music points its directions at… ah, what a lovely piece… ah, so nice… But once you are all settled in, half asleep and intoxicated by magical sand dust in your eyes; these Whales kick in their presence with full force and glory, roughly shaking you up to be sure no sleeping can be done! It’s as if they want to say ‘This is the time to listen to music made by Whales… It’s not the time to pass away into a deep comfortable sleep; it’s culturally unacceptable to sleep when Whales play.’ Fair enough, really!

The last track is ‘Strange Connection’ and strangely seems to bring the two parts together, and it’s done in a way that it works. Here Whales bring in the dreamy atmosphere with music, and do this with an elegance form of power. The sound isn’t punching too hard to be shaken up, making relaxing impossible, but bold enough to get this feeling of dreaming kicked in to the head like a proper working sleeping pill.
(you know the ones that you take, and five minutes later you have turned into sleeping beauty…) But don’t worry, the chemical reaction inside is perfectly planned, well made and balanced; you won’t skip any part of the made music; but once the track is gone and silence has smoothly replaced the sounds; big change you’ll be snoring and dreaming away with a pleasant frown upon the face.
Perhaps dreaming of a dive with the Whales, the ones who are such nifty music makers, these beasts who know how to dream-pop-punch, in order to knock you out to see the stars from up close…

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1 Response to Whales – The Music Of Sound

  1. Linda says:

    Halfway, I somehow got distracted by Sepultura. Afterwards, the songs sounded even lovelier than before. Exactly as described 🙂

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