{ AN } EeL – Hoily Oil Erotic Massage

Artist: { AN } EeL
title: Hoily Oil Erotic Massage
keywords: ambient experimental collage noise vocal Warsaw
label: Wounded Knife http://www.woundedknife.com/
reviewer: WIllem van O.

{ AN } EeL’s Hoily Oil Erotic Massage is everything else but suffering. From the first steps in the session you are easily greeted with a pair of firm hands rubbing the ears in with a crème of pure revitalizing material. It softly gets massaged in the skull, making me feel like smelling like rosemary and a fresh bunch of tulip extract. The lovely massager that is { AN } EeL sings quietly some loving ears in the head like a true beautician and pharmaceutical doctor with a license for erotic music massages. The odor of something classical, something from long forgotten times out of a grandma’s house is also brought into the mix; do I smell cologne? Or perhaps Eau de toilette? Whatever it is, it goes well together with the other aroma audio techniques that { AN } EeL is applying, and the longer the massage session goes how more entertaining the beauty session is. { AN } EeL rubs in a nice dose of fun, a fine dose of madness and slight hypnotic dreams with a nasty bite of aggressive cleanser for the parts that are hard to revitalize.

For another good inner scrub the session goes for a moment of ‘Tar Sands Soil Shuffle’, something that is seemingly a new kind of experimental beauty treatment, carefully scraping the ugly bits of your face by pulling all your own inner ugliness through the nose towards the rubbish bin. These ugly moods and faces might protest, they talk, let their lips thrill in order to make funny noises; but all go out one by one through this special sound technique that { AN } EeL carefully executes like a true professional.

For the next treatment { AN } EeL has brought in some incredible expert, an honest man to fry your left over inner bits with nonsensical but honest mumblings. After this professional has done its business it is time for that promised hot sensual oil massage. { AN } EeL delivers it, and next to oily it is also pretty flammable. The hot sexy oil seems to be lighted on fire, and this whole session might sting the ears a little. Hell, it may burn a little too! But don’t worry, the honest man while arrive on time to settle the session with some more honest ramblings.

The { AN } EeL hoily oil erotic massage isn’t complete without a curious take on the legendary song ‘What’s New, Pussycat?’ Which turns a bit into a ballistic enthusiastic happening, but with a little noise show in there, it will end as nice and sensible as this whole massage had begun: with silence.
How did { AN } EeL’s Hoily Oil Erotic Massage made me feel? Kind of like I drastically need to take a shower! You can go for a dirty session right here at the following link:

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