Jodie Lowther – Circles & Holes

Artist: Jodie Lowther
Title: Circles & Holes
keywords: experimental glossolalia ambient dark electronic female vocals haunting hauntology library music noise psychedelic recordings samples soundtrack vocal London
format: digital / Tape
artist website: (do check it out for wonderful wonders)
artist on FB: Jodie Lowther

Artist Jodie Lowther her curriculum is impressive. Her drawings have been turned into unforgettable album covers and even found a home in animated video clips. Even herself is never too unkind to show up and create something for others.

I’ve contacted The mysterious label owner of the classy and inspiring Electric Phantom record label, and asked about this Jodie Lowther like a true reporter.
Knowing that she did the illustrations for Autumn Leaves, The Martin Newell video, and in the Billy Mumy video
Turns out that the responds was even better then beautiful feathers in someone’s ass! Let me print screen what the owner said about Jodie, as it’s a pretty spin to the whole reviewers experience:
…well, I would say better material then this to write on anyone’s curriculum vitae is probably impossible. Jodie on digital paper sounds already indeed amazing!

…But next to drawing, acting and supporting other artists with her presence, she also does music herself, an act that certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. Her latest album ‘Circles and Holes’ is a must hear, a state of the art collection of 20 warm and dreamy experiments that form all together an excellent parade into a relaxed but colorful creative mind.

…it’s a dream turned reality to review it!!

Within these tracks you can witness Jodie Lowther’s creativity, as she humble humbles on rhythmic expressions and more flowing atmospheric ambient materials. Some of them are very intimate sounding, as if she places the listeners on her lap while seated in a bathroom. (There is nothing more intimate then being allowed in someone’s bathroom!)

There are also nice hints of nostalgia hearable within these abstract sounds, small backwards radio snippets, mysterious doom bell clocks playing the melody that could be the theme for a devotional church of pure dreams. Even nature is brought in, clearly carrying the lovely sound of birds chatter to make every listener feel at ease and at home.


the magic is contained on this wonderful dream to hear ‘tape’

It’s a huge collection of tracks, and each and every one of them is a different take without sounding like a random out of nowhere. Jodie Lowther simply manages to use them all to create an interesting listening experience in which reality, humbleness, mystery and creativity are greatly touched by dreamy fantasies.

There are the little melodic holy sounding secret pleasures, the soothing seducing warm sketching of microscopic sceneries in which you feel like you are welcome. People might say its dark ambient, but I wouldn’t say so; it’s more a case of wishful flickering northern lights shining through nightly veils, a bit like the sparkles of fairytales in which fairy goth mothers pay the screen a visit for instant magical moments.

And even when a boogie men material might slip in, like for example on the ‘Go Back To Bed Cowman’ track, Jodie knows how to politely shows the way out and keep all affected feelings safe and secure. With the musical arts of this creator in the ears, no fear is needed and you can gracefully gaze at oddities like a magical circle made out of fruit flies.

With Jodie’s Circles & Holes it’s clearly a case of her guiding you through this wondrous collection of holes and circles in which every peek through such a hole or circle is one that shows something new, but always warm and safe; Little microscopic dreams of wonder that should make anyone’s day into a much more magical one. Be sure to check it out:

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