ziv shachar – Nice Day

artist: ziv shachar
title: Nice Day
keywords: electronic alternative pop beats demos electronica Israel
the artist on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ziv-shachar/
the artist on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zeev98

ziv shachar is (at the time of writing) a 18 year old musician who currently lives in Jerusalem. He plays the violin, guitar, piano, bass, and sings as well as produces on his Akai MPK controller. He informed us of a huge and broad list of his musical influences but somehow I feel that it’s best to not mention any of them, as ziv his musical journey is one that is pretty much one in its own kind.

The release starts with introducing the sounds and style of the producer. You can hear a active synth-thing being enhanced by programmed hyper beats that kindly creates the right element to fly away on. This is only one part of the story, as this release is seemingly a marriage between electronic material and something more human. I guess that’s why the introduction is split in half, to make sure that all rights are covered.

So when half way the electronic material makes space for a completely different take on the introduction of this artist’s music, it’s pretty much a big difference. Here the artist forgets about the beat and instead focuses on a sentimental sounding vocal session in his native language, along with an devotional accompanying melody. I don’t know about you, but I like the artist his voice; he sounds warm and gentle, somehow sensible and touched by things.

Then with the real first track it’s time to go all electronic with a strange sounding mix of culture and modernity. This is named ‘Shoot For the Stars’ which is actually quite alienating to me in the way how it’s done and is perceived. It’s clear that we are dealing here with a track in a style that is rare, or unique to say the least. The electronic beat seems to be played on the spot instead of tightly programmed, and there is the neat and honest sounding singing too, it’s something that comes with additional sound effects, and birds chatter. It’s an original track, and I can’t deny that this might be music made by someone who made it from his own imagination, with perhaps inspiration from its close cultural surroundings. There is something very sheltered about it, as if it’s not been exposed to many upfront music of today, or simply choose not to affect the artist it’s own imagination. I say this because the mail send towards us spoke of a whole array of musical influences, which in fact makes me happy and relieved to hear that ziv shachar is traveling determinedly through its own way and style. (nope no sign of Kanye West or Coldplay around here..)

Then there is a little bit of an Interlude, it feels like it’s not really necessary to be here, but it probably serves as a little break to gather some air before being treated to another originality.

That originality in this case would be a track named ‘Worldwide’ which is also quite an expression of faith in music. We can hear a more slow tempo shimmering sound in which the voice sings along the line of ‘keeping things real’ and it sounds very believable. It’s clear that the artist isn’t shy, and his voice is prominent and nice to the ears.


^ Ziv Shachar’s voice is prominent and nice to the ears

This even gets better in ‘Late Evenings at Hasolelim’. On this steady electric beat material it’s the vocals that play and make the tune into the prettiness that it turns out to be. It is strange as there are lots of odd effects used on some prominent parts of the vocals, making you feel like you are listening to some cartoon character or perhaps a choir made out of bad ass chipmunks. But somehow it isn’t there to laugh about, it just doesn’t have comical appeal as it bizarrely manages to sound serious, clearly erasing the financial problems of hiring a real life backing choir and probably with much nicer results as well. It helps a great deal that the normal singing voice also appears upfront in the work here, making it a pop-ish format that can’t go wrong. Clearly underlining that these special odd backing voices are a courageously good working choice.

A very devoted sounding work is the piano and voice based one named 180. Because I’m unfamiliar with the language, it’s unclear to me what the song is exactly about, but it feels as one that has a dreadful core, something that is emotional and shouldn’t be taken all too lightly.

But don’t be too quick to feel sad as there is the unmissable 40 seconds of *_* in which it feels like we can lower our shields and have a ‘thank you’ among a whole intimate crowd of family members and friends of the artist. It’s like receiving an unexpected group hug.

From the analogue get togetherness it’s a huge change to fall into a track titled ‘Miss You’ which features rebel electronics that has deep bass, enormous beats and then there is the sentimental value of the artist singing ‘i miss you’ and some kind of mantra. It’s a strange vibe that it seems to call up on me; on one side it has something empowering, at the other hand it sounds defeated as if thinking of a loss of someone who had been a victim of violence & yet there is a vibe of a night party.

Then there is ‘Campfire” which strangely opts not for the traditional campfire sounds of a dude playing next to a campfire stroking a banjo, but it’s pure electronic with only the organic vocals of the artist to turn it all human. The nice thing here is that it forms a nice bunch of voices, that in my head interlock arms with each other for that brotherly feeling to come across. It’s a bit like a ‘kumbaya my lord’ vibe dressed in a modern attire of interestingly placed beats and some synthesizer guests.

The last track is to me also the best one on this release, feeling much more finished and really making the most out of the pleasantness that is the artist his singing voice & also the electronic fresh and intimate sounding music is sparkling and easy going in a programmed original way. I wish it was a bit longer, but that’s not really a critic but more just a wish as a listener & perhaps even a compliment. After all who doesn’t like to experience a nice day nonstop!

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