Various Artists – dog park – Dogzzz

a2500514937_16artists: Various
title: Dogzzz
keywords: experimental
label: Dog Park

I’m listening to Dogzzzzzzzzzzzz with the help of two dogs. As a human chicken I can tell you that I’m an animal person, love cats, monkeys, fishes, birds, beers (and bears), rhinos, dolphins, snails, koalas but as the two dogs have a thing for hunting cats, birds and other friends it’s just me and them over here. We will be your reviewers for the time being. They might not say a lot, but their expressions are pretty expressive. Let’s start shall we?

dog 1: woof woof!
dog 2: mioux!

Maggie Ledes starts the Dog party off with ‘Dog Person’. It perfectly describes in an acoustic way the kind of person a dog’s person is. They have a close relationship with their dogs, are playful, tend to look a bit like their dogs, and actually have similar characteristics as the dogs that they love. They are adventurous, loyal and pretty much a joy to be around with. They might like to be stroked like the strings on a stringed instrument, and know when it’s time to go out for a walk.

dog 1: hehehe
dog 2: waf woof!

Hmm.. I think I might have to indeed take my reviewing friends out for a quick walk. They seem to be in need for some exercise and sniffing the neighborhood in search for traces of bats, rats and indeed the smell of street cats. One of them (dog 2) loves to roll over the floor when he finds the odor of a rat. It’s like eau de cologne for dogs… oh and this is information that eats your time away… sorry.. we will be right back!


dog 1: woof woof!
dog 2: woof woof!

Ha, hello! We are back! Sorry for the little break. Hope you didn’t have to wait that long. Might as well have used the opportunity to go for a toilet break yourself. Now that we are ready for more Dogzzzzzzzzzzzz we will listen critically to the next track. Ready dogs?

dog 1: woof!
dog 2: wraf!


Well… well… Boys… colleagues… what do you think of Bruised Retina’s Angry Chihuahua Puppies?

dog 1: awooooowwwww
dog 2: awooooowwwwww

Well, it seems that the two dog reviewers over here are a bit acting like identical twins. They seem to like the track, even though it’s a recording of Angry Chihuahua Puppies. Personally I’m grateful for the title of this work as otherwise I would never have known how to actual write ‘Chihuahua’. And I guess the dogs like Chihuahuas even if they are angry. Once, there was this man who came by with a chihuahua and it decided to attack dog 1, as dog 1 had made sensual advances towards the chihuahua, but dog 2 took the chihuahua in the neck and threw it in the air like it was nothing. The man (obviously a dog’s person) had not seen what had happened but the chihuahua wasn’t very happy.. it was pretty pissed off.. making all these angy sounds that strangely has simularities with this track over here. Memories! I love when music triggers memories! What about you guys?

dog 1: hehehehe
dog 2: Wref!

Angry chihuahuas are simply the best! But {AN} EeL’s Bowser’s Wowzers ( The Dogs of War ) is also triggering some emotions, right doggies?

dog 1: awooooooooh
dog 2: woohoooohh

This track feels cozy, like a campfire setting somewhere outside with crickets, candle light and a fire place with plenty of dogs around. They sound impressive, some of them even letting their inner wolfs out. There is also a clear dog’s person in there, saying things with a magical voice. In fact this whole track sounds like a secretive magic session among dogs and dog person somewhere out there deep in the woofs.. uh I mean ‘woods’.

Another interesting track on the Dogzzzz compilation is Ben Presto’s Seamus Pt. 2. It really features enough howling doggie friends to start a choir with. It’s a busy recording and you can really hear them all so clearly singing their way into the experimental foggy sounding night. My reviewing colleagues Dog 1 and Dog 2 aren’t singing or howling along, but they do move their ears in all kinds of directions as this track played out: They probably want to pay good attention to the latest dog gossips spread by these singing friends inside this recording.

… Hmm. If you don’t mind, Dog 1 and Dog 2 deserve a reward for sitting through the compilation and helping out reviewing it all so professionally. Give me a second, as I provide them with ‘chicken tenders’ , their favorite next to paku paku.. Don’t ask me what paku paku is, I’ve no idea.. but they love it!

“… give paw..
…ahh good boys… ya go…’

Sorry for the wait. We are at your service again. And what a blessing it is as we are now letting you know what we think of W H I T E ft. Manny’s Frenchie. It’s really nice to see W H I T E on this dog friendly compilation, as out of all the music makers he is one of the most dog loving (and caring!) people out there in underground experimental land. With releases money being donated to dog charities and co, it comes as no surprise that the music provided falls in very good ears by me and team consisting of dog 1 and dog 2.

Not sure if Manny is the one providing the beautiful vocals on this track, but the sparkling barks are vibrating and wonderful. The music brings a beat and mystifying atmosphere to the compilation. It’s pretty white like a furry coat of a fluffy terrier and we all liked it very much, right boys?

dog 1: kef kef!
dog 2: woof waf!

So what’s next on the agenda, boys?

dog 1: woof!
dog 2: woof!

Ah, yes totally right! It’s the perfect go for a walk electronic trip done by Ian Haygreen  that’s perfectly titled ‘Walkies!‘. It’s making us feel like we are walking on another planet, planet Pluto (after all that’s a famous dog) and we are weightlessly exploring while delicious synthesizer sweetness decorates the place into a dog walker’s Valhalla. Peeing, sniffing, running and exploring never had the right soundtrack that it so deserved; until now! .

dog 1: woof woof!
dog 2: ahr ahr..

ah, yes paws up! all four of them for Ian Haygreen’s Walkies! Then it’s time for
Trevor Scruffles ft. Furchick ‘s Trev dog sings for carrots. A collaboration among a lovely talented couple with the best vocals of the entire Australian population. Dog 1 and dog 2 seemingly pleased with the vocals of Trevor are closing their eyes to hear it all even better. I don’t blame them as it’s a work that comes across as a dream, something to indeed nibble on your own tail for (if you had one) and enjoy through hairy dog’s ears. Respect!

dog 1: zzzzz
dog 2: woahawaa

Ah, dog 2 is dreaming and talking at the same time. So adorable.. got to wake him up! The review is not finished yet…

Next is Alien tongue’s Scoopy Doo which is like a long lucid dream in which anything can appear sound wise. All kinds of recordings pass the revue, from rain, to bees, to beats, to house party sounds with happy swinging dogs singing along with a candid sounding harmonica. There is something very cozy about it, bizarre and together, active and random. No words really to describe it. I’m sure my professional colleagues would be much better at it, right? What you guys think of this?

dog 1: woof waf woof!
dog 2: waf woof woof!

Ah, excellent! Couldn’t have said it better myself! Next is ฤŒopor’s Lullaby for stray dogs. Is one that fits the flow of Dogzzz perfectly. It passes by in such a soothing shape and form that I saw dog 1 and dog 2 crawling up in rolled position, and I felt like joining them. They aren’t stray dogs but they have many stray dog friends here in the neighborhood. Some very friendly and playful, others a bit more like a barking contest and showcase of shiny teeth. In any case the music here made us feel good, relaxed and kinda cuddly. If you don’t mind we will continue this write up while cuddling…

perfect! Like this we hear Gravity Feeder’s Junkyard Dog which is the dreamy prettiness that also functions as the final bit on the compilation. It’s so warm, hypnotic, strange and yet so comfortable; it really fits the cuddling with the dogs session in a really good way.
It passes by so quickly and smooth, leaving a long lasting impression of relaxedness upon our ears. I wanted to ask my reviewing dogs, dog 1 and dog 2 for an final opinion but apparently they are vast asleep. I’ll join them, but before I go.. please check out Dogzzz at the following link:

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