International Call and Response: Ladyz in Noyz

Hi there and welcome. We all know what a lady is; someone who drinks tea with a little pinky up in the air, but noise ladies are a little different! Are you interested?

We have something really interesting for you over here;
it’s a movie in which noise ladies from different parts of the world collaborated to bring their own live set in their own choice and style to anyone who wants to hear and see it. View it as a free personal concert, in which you are the audience and the participating ‘ladies in noyz’ in this movie, are all showcasing their ‘thing’. You’ll be in for an interesting time!

The first part of this movie documents a concert of Marlo De Lara (Marlo Eggplant) who also seems to be the brain behind this great initiative that is this movie. She is armed with a table of knobs to twists, electronic audio machinery & a microphone which she uses to create a live set that the ears of a listener will be glad to hear. It comes sound wise across as a electro acoustic set while in the video it seems to be all electronic and vocal manipulation of the artists mouth herself. The music is setting a atmospheric setting in which layers of her manipulative voice are transformed into loops to dwell in. It’s all warm, yet there is something mystical about it, as if you are hearing a ghost in a machine. It’s full of depth until Marlo calls it a day.

The movie then perfectly goes to a lady in noise named Chrissie Caulfield. She plays (what seems to be) an electronic violin in a house, but when I close my eyes it’s as if we are transported outside the ozone layer and are invited to hear an alien song of original origins. The strikes of the instrument are like pretty devotional alien drones that cry a certain humble loneliness that you won’t hear being performed every day; pretty emotional & personal.

The movie then focuses on an artist who has not only something for the ears, but also something of an art show for the eyes to see. This is the moment that Furchick gets her Andy Warhol predicted moment of fame. Although she has replaced herself with a music playing monkey for the most part, it will safe her signing autographs and being recognized in the streets. This experiment proofs that monkeys can not only play an instrument, but with a little help of a furry chick; they are also able to make some noise!

One great artist with the name Marya Errin Jones steals quite the show in this movie with her live living room performance. With a seemingly small setup she creates a very interesting on the spot composition with pedals, voice and even a typewriter. It’s most interesting as she seems to seek out a nice balance of something wild and sweet. One moment it sounds like she produces the sounds of a warrior calling for elephants to come out and play, while at the same time she gives it a very sensible and melodic touch. It’s intriguing, soothing and definitely highly original.

The movie than gives us a performance of a mysterious sounding Nuyulu Callejas who keeps her participation very short, but nonetheless quiet impressive. The visual is seemingly done with red strange moving lights; it keeps things weird enough and gives us no point in guessing how she created this short piece. It feels (noise wise) like a little organ played for our delights, but as the ladies are super innovative in sounds and manipulation; it might as well be played in a toaster! Mysterious!

The next artist being revealed in this movie is Nelly Khorsun and here again it’s great to see how strong the individualism is among the showcasing live performing sound and music makers. The visual aspect is basically showing the materials used for the music on a table, and a pair of hand with drumsticks drumming on pads to give us that steady drum rhythm that some of us had huge cravings for. The music seems to be a cool loop, and it has something punk-pop in its feel.

Then there is this incredible performance by Marisa Demarco who seems to use her voice to create an original soundscape with opera touches. It feels strangely animalistic, very wild and powerful. Visually we can actually see the artist in a homely location multiple times layered over herself; it’s just as intense as the music, which feels very expressionistic and coming from something deep within her. A lioness in a human form!

The movie continues to showcase a interesting mix of ladies in noise, and Monica Isabel Sanchez is definitely one not to be missed in this awesome line-up. Visual wise it’s also very homely; she sits with folded legs with bare feet on the floor with her electronic audio equipment in front of her. With great precision and care she creates one of the finest HNW that my ears had heard. It’s very dense, soothing, but also very heavy. Monica moves the wall of sound away from steadiness, taking the visual listener on a noise journey that will leave the ears ringing with delight.

Ingrid Plum is the last artist performing for you on this excellent showcase of ladies in noise. She treats the viewer with a garden like location in which she sits with her noise materials and microphone to create a personal soundscape that features birds, relaxing bowl sounds, tape hiss and the artist her own sounds producer from mouth, heart and brain. The way she does this feels like on one side she is stirring the ears with a soothing bewitching trip and at the other hand she keeps us awake from not falling too deep into her trance inducing sounds.

With this the ‘International Call and Response: Ladyz in Noyz’ film by Marlo De Lara had come to an end, and instead of being digested by the artists and their performances, I feel this movie is encouraging enough to check all these individual ladies their sound and music projects out.. It’s a great way of showcasing these artists who (even though they are out there) are sometimes difficult to see within the noise scene. With a movie initiative like this it gives a great opportunity to basically have these artists projected at your own place and time, performing a showcase to sample a bit of what these strong individuals and their sounds are capable off.

If you have a little bit more than half a hour to spare, and feel like watching a private concert of experimental sound ladies then you really should turn up the volume and press play:

International Call and Response: Ladyz in Noyz from marlo on Vimeo.

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